the Devil’s Bridge / Rakotzbrücke, Famous Landmarks in Germany

Landmarks are recognizable features of the landscape, some carved out by nature, some man made.

Landmarks are often popular tourist attractions that make great travel destinations and deserve a spot on our “must see” travel wish lists. So, if you’re looking for some of the best places to visit on your next trip to Germany then look no further !

Top Famous German landmarks that you need to see right now!

There are many Famous landmarks in Germany, so many that we don’t have room for them all here! So, we will be focusing on only the very best of the famous landmarks in this article!

In this article you will find OVER 50 THE VERY BEST “Germany Famous Landmarks”

That’s a LOT of fabulous stuff to cover!

In order to tidy things up, we are going to utilize two things:

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Map of Famous Landmarks In Germany

use this map to help plan a star studded trip to Germany…Gute Reise!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for an interactive Google Map with these Famous Landmarks!

map of famous landmarks in Germany interactive map link
page 2 of Famous Landmarks in Germany map, link to interactive map
follow the link for an interactive map of Germany’s Famous Landmarks!

Landmarks Germany: for Nature lovers

These next “ famous landmarks of Germany “ are man made structures set in nature so you get the best of both worlds.

The Bastei Bridge (The Bastion Bridge / Basteibrücke)

The Bastei, located in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, is a bridge that spans a one of a kind ancient rock formation. The rock formation and bridge tower over the Elbe River and the Saxon Switzerland National Park (Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz) below.

200 years ago a wooden bridge was built for visitors to this popular tourist attraction. In 1851 the wooden bridge was replaced with a sandstone bridge. The rock formation and stone bridge make for a striking combination of man made and natural landmarks. Bastei Bridge deserves a spot on your Germany travel itinerary…the photo speaks for itself!

Bastei Bridge in the Saxon Switzerland National Park Famous Landmarks in Germany
Bastei Bridge in the Saxon Switzerland National Park

The Devil’s Bridge / Rakotzbrücke

Located in the state of Saxony, is a whimsical half circle bridge that is one of Germany’s most fanciful iconic landmarks. The reflection of The Devi’s Bridge in the waters of tiny Rakotzee Lake causes the bridge to appear as a full circle.

Folklore often refers to these fanciful and seemingly logic defying structures as Devil’s bridges.

The Devil’s Bridge is a 1.5 hour drive from either Dresden or the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

the Devil’s Bridge / Rakotzbrücke, Famous Landmarks in Germany
the Devil’s Bridge / Rakotzbrücke,

Geierlay Suspension Bridge (Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke)

Thrill seekers this one’s for you, because my feet prefer to stay firmly planted on the ground! If you find yourself in the Rhine River / Moselle River area check out the Geierlay Bridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Germany. Navigate your way along this 360 meter long pedestrian bridge that’s suspended 100 meters above the ground below for maximum thrills and amazing views.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge longest in Germany
Photo: Geierlay Suspension Bridge

natural landmarks in Germany

I’m a nature lover so natural landmarks are normally pretty high on my travel wish list! Fortunately for us, Germany is flush with them!

Here are some of the most recognizable:

Triberg Wasserfall (Triberger Wasserfälle)

Triberg is located in the Black forest (Schwarzwald auf Deutsch!) The Black Forest is a magical densely forested area in southern Germany, where one might expect to find gnomes and fairies around any corner.

The lush green landscape of the Black forest is where you will find Germany’s highest waterfall. In addition to seeing the famous waterfall in Triberg, you can also shop for whimsical cuckoo clocks and get a taste of some delectable Black Forest cake! (cherries, chocolate, cream, and a touch of cherry-flavored liquor…yum!)

To learn about how you can get a taste of what Triberg has to offer, check out my Triberg Germany trip planner!”

Triberg Germany waterfall
Photo: Triberg Waterfall in the Black Forest

The Alps

The Alps are a mountainous region that stretch across several European countries, including southern Germany. Most of the German Alps can be found in Bavaria. The Bavarian Alps, with their towering peaks, alpine lakes, and alpine villages are a wonderful place to visit. Some popular places to visit include Garmisch, Berchtesgaden National Park, and Fussen with it’s famous castles.

Mount Zugspitze

Zugspitze Mountain is located in the Bavarian Alps and happens to be Germany’s highest mountain. For panoramic views of the stunning alpine landscape that surrounds Zugspitze, head to the viewing platform / observation deck at the very top .

While visiting Zugspitze, be sure not to miss the stunning emerald green Eibsee Lake at the base of the mountain.

Why are Alpine lakes green? One of the Best things about Alpine Lakes is their stunning green color. Ever wonder why they are such a lovely shade? As it makes its way down the mountain, ice melt creates a fine powder sediment that settles at the bottom of these lakes. The sediment deposits are what give the lakes their lovely color.

Want to visit Zugspitze and Eibsee? Get all the pertinent details in my Complete Visitor Guide: Stunning Eibsee Lake and Zugspitze Mountain!

Photo: Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest Mountain, German Landmarks
Photo: Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest Mountain

Königssee and Obersee Lakes

Ah the Bavarian Alps, a little bit of heaven on earth and the lakes in heaven are just, well heavenly! Konigsee is a fjord like lake nestle in the German Alps. Take a scenic boat tour on Konigsee to the back of the lake where you have the option to disembark. From there, a lovely path leads to Obersee, an idyllic emerald green lake.

Don’t stop there! If you continue, a moderately challenging path will lead you from the front of Obersee to the back for even more stunning views!

Up for more walking? There’s a path that leads from Obersee through an alpine pasture to Röthbachfall waterfall.

Note: I have been fortunate enough to experience this amazing adventure but have not yet had time to write about it. If you want more details on the best way to get to Obersee, please leave questions in the comments or use my contact page and I’ll get back with you!

Obersee, Alpine Lake in Germany
Obersee, Alpine Lake in Germany

River Rhine (Rhein)

The famous Rhine River slowly meanders its way through some of the most lovely scenery in Deutschland! The banks of the Rhine River are littered with castles, castle ruins, and oh so adorable villages!

The Rhine River is 820 miles long. It flows through Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria and Lichtenstein! However, the most romantic and beautiful part (arguably) of the Rhine runs through the The Lorelei Valley (Loreley) in Germany. The Lorelei Valley is only 67 kilometers long, but offers so much bang for your buck that it has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you wanted, you could spend weeks cruising the Rhine (NOT a terrible idea if you have the time!) or opt for a short trip on the most scenic section of the Rhine.

Get more details on how to see the “most scenic section” in my “2 week Germany Itinerary that includes Austria, France, and Switzerland!

Want to stay in a castle overlooking the banks of the Rhine River?

Here are two great options for castles stays in the lovely Lorelei Valley: (prices start at only $150 per night!)

Burghotel auf Schönburg Oberwesel
This romantic 4-star hotel offers gourmet cuisine and spectacular views of the medieval town of Oberwesel and the Rhine River Valley.

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Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels
Another romantic 4-star hotel and a great home base for exploration and more stunning views of the Rhine River Valley down below!

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Burghotel auf Schönburg and Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels best castle stays on the Rhine River in Germany
Photo: Top row: Burghotel auf Schönburg bottom row: Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels

Tree path Regensburg (Pappelallee)

You’ll feel a bit like you’ve landed in a daydream when you visit the fancifully crooked tree path in Regensburg. The path is located in the Inselpark, a park on a river island right in the city of Regensburg. To locate the tree path on Google Maps / GPS try entering “Pappelallee” (popular avenue) Regensburg.

Hey while you’re in Regensburg make your way to Historische Wurstküche zu Regensburg the 876 year old sausage house! The building was built in 1135 AD. The restaurant opened in 1146 making it the oldest continuously open public restaurant in the world.

You’ll find it right next to the 1200 year old bridge on the River Danube! It will come as no surprise that Old Town Regensburg is listed as a World Heritage Site.

the winding twisting Tree Path in Regensburg Germany
Photo: the winding Tree Path in Regensburg

Historical landmarks in Germany

Germany is just flush with history! It’s the perfect place to take a trip back in time. I love the way they preserve their ancient treasures instead of tearing them down just to replace them with modern structures that are often completely lacking in personality.

Not that Germany doesn’t have some very fine examples of modern architecture, but they lovingly preserve their history whenever possible.

Here are some of the best historic landmarks in Germany:

Prehistoric Pile Dwelling Museum (Pfahlbauten Unteruhldingen)

Let’s start with one of the oldest of the historical landmarks in Germany. On Lake Constance there is an archaeological open air museum. There you will find recreated dwellings based on Neolithic and Bronze Age stilt house settlements that existed here from around 4,000-850 BC!. The location of the Prehistoric Pile Dwelling Museum on Lake Constance is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Prehistoric Pile Dwelling Museum, Lake Constance Germany
Photo: Prehistoric Pile Dwelling Museum, Lake Constance

Bremen Town Hall (Bremer Rathaus) plus the Roland and Bremen Town Musicians Statues

Bremen is located near the North Sea in northern Europe. The beautiful Bremen Town Hall is one of the most important examples of Brick Gothic and Weser Renaissance architecture in Europe. Together with the Roland Statue, an iconic sight that can be found in the Market Square, it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

While you’re in Bremen don’t miss one of the most Popular attractions in town, The Bremen Town Musicians Statue! What is the story behind the “Town Musicians of Bremen?” this German fairy tale was published by the Grimm Brothers. It tells the story of a donkey, a cat, a dog and a rooster, all old, tired, and put aside by their masters, intent on traveling to Bremen to become musicians and find their worth once more. In the famous tale the animals work together to frighten robbers away from their own house and then take up residence themselves, earning themselves a new place in the world.

The Town Musicians of Bremen, Roland Statue, Bremen Town Hall Germany
Photo top left: The Town Musicians of Bremen, Top right: Roland Statue Bottom: Bremen Town Hall


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