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Dorothy Gale, a farm girl from Kansas, and her little dog Toto were blown into the most fantastical of adventures by a Kansas tornado. After touching down in the Land of Oz, she quickly realized that they weren’t in Kansas anymore.

People around the world associate Kansas with the famous tale. Tell someone you’re from Kansas and you may just elicit some remark about the Wizard of Oz. “Where’s Toto,” “Well Dorothy, I guess you’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The Kansas Wizard of Oz Museum is located in Wamego Kansas. They have embraced the association and in Wamego it’s all things Oz! If you’re looking for a fun Kansas Day trip the Wizard of Oz Museum KS is indeed fun for all ages.

The Book: where it all began

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, penned by L. Frank Baum, was published in 1900. By the time the book entered the public domain in 1956 it had sold over 3 million copies.

The Movie: a Hollywood classic

In 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. Pictures released The Wizard of Oz film, a musical starring Judy Garland. It was MGM’s most expensive production at the time and didn’t actually make a profit until its re-release in 1949.

In 1956 it hit the small screen when CBS broadcast it for the first time on television. What followed made history when it became an annual television tradition.

The Library of Congress has declared it the most seen film in movie history. The Wizard of Oz has become an American classic to say the least.

About the Museum

With over 2,000 items, the Kansas Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas boasts one of the largest private collections of Oz collectibles and memorabilia in the world. In 2021 it earned a spot on USA Today’s “Best Pop Culture Museum List.”

Their collection includes 1st edition Wizard of Oz books by L Frank Baum, hand prints from some of the original munchkins, and more Oz related items than you can see in a day. 

Oz museum in Kansas exterior wamego kansas one of the largest collections of wizard of oz memorabilia

Let’s Take a look inside

There’s A LOT to see inside of the Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas! In the “Welcome to Oz” brochure they list their top 10 items.

top 10 items inside the museum

1-Munchkin jacket from the 1939 MGM film

2-Flying Monkey miniatures, used in the movie the Wizard of Oz

3-1st Edition Wizard of Oz. The Museum is in possession of a first Edition of the 1900 “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” book

4-Woozy Doll, made by L. Frank Baum

5-Original MGM 1939 movie production notes

6-Stage props from the Broadway Musical “Wicked”

7-Death certificate signed by the original Munchkin Coroner

8-Yellow brick from Baum’s military grade school

9-Gloves of Munchkin Nita Krebs

10-Lullaby League’er Olga’s Vaudeville travel kit & Costume

(according to the “Welcome to Oz Brochure”)

Favorite Wizard of Oz characters:

All of your favorite characters can be found inside the Kansas Wizard of Oz Museum KS.

wizard of oz characters inside the Wizard of oz museum in  kansas dorothy gale tin man cowardly lion scarecrow

Dorothy Gale, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and The Cowardly Lion

Did you know? Dorothy was named after a niece of Baum’s wife who tragically died as an infant.

The character of the Scarecrow was born from Baum’s childhood nightmares, the inspiration for Tin man from a cobbled together figure he created from metal scraps.

glenda the good witch munchkin wicked witch is dead Wizard of oz museum KS

Glinda the Good Witch, Munchkin Mayor, Winkie Guard, AND what’s left of the Wicked Witch of the West!

 Take a little walk through the haunted forest:

wicked witch haunted forest flying monkeys Kansas Wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

The Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey

The Haunted Forest: depicts the darker side of the story.

Books…and more books! 

The museum has an impressive collection of books. Baum wrote thirteen additional Oz books which serve as official sequels to the original book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

1st edition wizard of Oz original collectable books wizard of oz inside the Wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

 You’ll find a variety of memorabilia at the Wizard of Oz Museum KS: 

Kanas Wizard of Oz Museum dorothy gale judy garland ruby red shoes wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

Ode to Dorothy Gale

cowardly lion wizard of oz museum wamego kansas
tin man memorabilia wizard of oz museum wamego kansas


signs, posters, and artwork:

movie posters inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas
all things oz inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

Have a little fun with props and the characters:

There are plenty of fun photo opportunities inside the Wizard of Oz Museum KS.


fun photo opportunities inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas angie kunze toto's travels


See all of this at the Wizard Oz Museum in Wamego Kansas and much much more!

Wizard of Oz Gift Shop

You’ll find plenty of fun Oz themed gifts in the Wizard of Oz Gift shop at the museum.

Be sure to test out the Tornado Machine in the gift shop before you leave the Oz Museum! 

Times and admission fees:

for the most current information on cost of admission and opening times: see the Oz Museum Website.

The exterior

The exterior of the Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas boasts some really beautiful artwork. Here’s a shot of my favorite scene depicted on the exterior of the museum. 

artwork from the exterior of the oz museum wamego kansas

OZtober Fest

Just when you thought things could not be more “OZ”….Every fall Wamego celebrates all things Wizard of Oz at their OZtober Fest! See you there! 

Yellow Brick Road Oz

You can follow the yellow brick road to Oz. You’ll find it just across the street from the museum.

follow the yellow brick road in wamego kansas land of oz USA

Finding Toto

Wamego had hidden Totos all over town. There are 15 of them in all. Stop into most businesses in town for a Totos around town map. (I got mine at the museum in the City Park.)

toto from the wizard of oz finding totos wamego kansas

More things to see and do in Wamego:

Don’t stop there. Wamego is full of fun things to see and do. Wamego has See what else the town has to offer here:

I’m off to see the Wizard, in Wamego Kansas, because sometimes, there really is no place like home!

And don’t forget Wamego’s beautiful city park: Wamego City Park, Wamego Kansas

Kansas Day trips to the Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas

The Wizard of Oz Museum is just a short car ride from many towns in northeast Kansas and one of the BEST DAY TRIPS IN KANSAS! 

Wamego is just down the road for many Kansas residents.

  • Day trips from Ottawa Kansas: looking for fun day trips from Ottawa Kansas? Wamego is a 1.5 hour drive from Ottawa.
  • things to do in Manhattan Kansas: If you are looking for things to do in Manhattan Kansas, the Oz Museum is just down the road. It’s a short 15 minute drive down Highway 24.

Getting to Wamego: The road to OZ

Highway 99, between interstate 70 and Wamego, has been officially designated as the Road to Oz.

also of interest in the area:

Looking for more things to do in the Wamego area? another of the best Kansas day trips is just down the road. Tour a working Buffalo Ranch! get the lowdown here: Home on the Range in Kansas, at Plumlee Buffalo Ranch

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