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The stunning Buffalo River really stands out in a state already known for its natural beauty. Water levels on the Buffalo can be a little fickle so getting out on the river can be a bit challenging. With some planning, and a lot of luck, we finally got to spend the day on the stunning Buffalo.

We decided on the most scenic section if the Buffalo River for our kayaking adventure

There are miles upon miles of the Buffalo that are float’able, about 150 miles, but the section considered to be the most scenic is the 10.7 miles of the upper Buffalo River, from Ponca to Kyles Landing. This section is lined with towering bluffs on either side of the river. Unfortunately, this particular section of the river can be fickle. If the water is too high, the rapids may not allow for safe boating, too low and you can’t get a boat down river. You can check water levels on the Buffalo River here or flow rates from the National Park Service here. They can change from day to day though, so that’s were a bit of luck comes in handy. If you can’t get out on the most scenic portion, it seems like Pruitt’s Landing to Carver is usually float’able.

Buffalo River kayak trip Arkansas

Being flexible with your dates give you a greater chance of actually getting out on the river.

I planned to be in the general area for 4 full days. We spent the first two days in the Eurkea Springs area (highly recommended!) Check out my ,Arkansas, the Natural State, A mini getaway blog.

On day 3 we were supposed to hike Lost Valley, and on day 4, float the river. Water levels had not been sufficient for floating, but I noticed that a big rain was coming in. They were calling for 2-3 inches. I called Buffalo River Outfitters, and asked if we held off on our reservation for a day, if that would be enough rain to raise the water to a float’able level. They confirmed that indeed it might, and were very helpful about getting our reservation changed. Our reservation was for a weekday, they may be full up on a weekend in summer so keep that in mind.

and the rain came down….

That night, the heavens opened up and poured, the water came up and we got the green light to get out on the river! The water came up so much in fact, that the river went from barely/not float’able, to the expert skill level. Now we own our own kayaks, but we are certainly no experts on whitewater. We were told that we would probably be fine, but if we damaged the kayaks, we would be charged for them. We decided to go for it!

check the weather forecast for Jasper Arkansas here: (click the photo to open’s Jasper forecast)

“National Park Service officials recently released a new prospectus outlining its effort to relieve vehicle congestion at Buffalo National River access points, where parking is limited. Canoe and kayak concessioners will not be allowed to shuttle the private vehicles of park visitors to locations up or down river by the start of 2026.

In its prospectus, the National Park Servicce is soliciting proposals to provide canoe rentals and transportation services to visitors at the river. The NPS intends to award 12 concession contracts for a term of 10 years.” (source: KTLO news) For the latest up to date information on this matter see the Buffalo River official website.

Choosing an outfitter to kayak the Buffalo River

If you need to rent a kayak, canoe, tube, raft, or to schedule shuttle service, ,,the National Park Service has a full list of Buffalo River outfitters, listed by river section.

Buffalo Outdoor Center (B.O.C)

We chose ,,Buffalo River Outdoor Center for our kayak rental and shuttle service,,,.

shuttle service

Make sure you let them know in advance if you will need shuttle service (bring a spare key if you want them to lock the vehicle while you are on the river.) They will meet you at the get in spot and then drive your vehicle to the end spot so it’s there waiting for you when you finish your trip down river.

cancellation policy and show up time

Since things are so touch and go, I paid a little extra for their extended cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel up until 9 am on the day of your reservation. Be there an hour before your designated launch time.

Consider picking up sandwiches at the deli inside Buffalo Outdoor Center

They make a pretty mean sandwich. Here’s a link to the deli menu.

river bound

We drove our vehicle to Steel Creek, which is downstream from Ponca. Ponca was closed at the time due to COVID. When we arrived they had kayaks, paddles, and life vests waiting for us. They will then valet your vehicle to Kyle’s Landing, where you get out at.

mapped route

Here’s our trip shown in red, This is a very small portion of the Buffalo. Steel Creek to Kyle’s Landing is 8 miles, so we missed 2.7 miles by putting in at Steel Creek instead of Ponca. Make note of Hemmed-in-Hollow waterfall on the map too. You won’t want to miss it!

map most scenic stretch of the buffalo river arkansas

off we go!

buffalo outdoor center BOC kayak rental buffalo river arkansas

Notice the murky water. This was due to the heavy rains, but up until the rain it was iffy to be able to kayak at all, so I guess I had to be ok with murky water. I admit I was looking forward to the usually clear river water.

Angie Kunze Toto's Travels kayaking the buffalo river arkansas

-Angie Kunze, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

kayaking the buffalo river arkansas

Sans a hard rain the night before, this is what you can normally expect the water to look like\

clear water buffalo river arkansas

There are plenty of spots to get out and explore.

exploring a sand bar on the buffalo river arkansas

The Beautiful Buffalo River

parked kayak buffalo river arkansas

Park your kayak for a time and enjoy the water!

parked kayaks buffalo river arkansas

If you’d like to see some video of our time on the Buffalo River it can be found here on my Youtube Buffalo River Playlist

Make sure you save plenty of time for Hemmed-in-Hollow Waterfall

Hemmed-in-Hollow Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Kansas and it can be accessed from a trail off of the Buffalo River.

The get out spot came up fast, and if there hadn’t been other boats there I probably would have missed it all together. It will be on your left, I believe after you come around a bend. There is a sign but not a very big one. If you miss it by a little bit it’s no big deal, just get your boat ashore as soon as you can, and walk a little ways back to the trail. From the river the waterfall is about 1/2 mile down an absolutely dreamy trail!

For more on getting to Hemmed-in-Hollow from the river and the road you can click this link:

Hemmed-in-Hollow waterfall, Arkansas: How to get there!

hemmed in hollow waterfall ponca arkansas how to get there

Is this section of the Buffalo River safe for all skill levels?

My husband fell victim to rapids #19 of approximately 20. He was there one minute, and gone the next. He dumped his kayak and his paddles floated off. Fortunately for us, some river experts came along to assist. Never go in the water after the paddles with strong currents. The paddles and other belongings will likely be swept, in fairly short order, onto the bank as ours did.

Be sure to watch for the exit. It can come up fast.

Kyle’s Landing came up faster than I expected. Paddle fast to make sure you don’t miss it. It will be on your right as you come around a bend.

One extra packing tip for kayakers:

Bring some carabiner clips and attach your bag to your kayak. When my husband dumped his kayak, I lost all of the medication I brought along because I didn’t want to leave it in the hot car.

Also of interest in this area:

Lost Valley Trail in Arkansas, waterfalls and a walk through a lush forest!

Arkansas, the Natural State, a mini getaway

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