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Ultimate guide to the Haunted Cannery El Dorado Kansas (2024)

It’s that time of the year….ghost, goblins, and things that go bump in the night! Scream time at the Haunted Cannery The Haunted Cannery in El Dorado Kansas does a frighteningly fantastic job of bringing all your nightmares to life. You will find a colorful fluorescent light feast for the eyes, with scares around every …

old Dutch Mill. Schonhoff Dutch Mill city park wamego kansas

City Park, Wamego Kansas : history, veterans memorial, Dutch windmill and a perfect spot to relax!

One could spend the better part of a day in Wamego City park, exploring and relaxing. The park was quiet, peaceful, and really quite stunning! Let’s explore City Park, Wamego Kansas! The Pond According to the “Explore Wamego’s History” pamphlet, “The pond in City Park is shaped like a whale, and once served as the …

thistle flowers plant life fancy creek hiking trail randolph kansas

Fancy Creek Hiking Trail Kansas: The Ultimate Guide (with photos)

Fancy Creek Trail, just outside of Randolph, is my favorite local trail and is in my opinion one of the best hiking trails in the Manhattan Kansas area. The entire nearly 6 miles of trails is almost completely shaded with tree cover and is accessible almost year round. Where is Fancy Creek Hiking Trail located? …