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I just really LOVE castle ruins. There is something haunting about them. They seem to retain the life they once had. It is as if you can still feel the presence of the people who lived in these places so many years ago.

Ehrenberg Castle (not to be confused with Ehrenburg Castle in Germany!), situated picturesquely in the Austrian Alps, was built in 1296. The castle is now in ruins, but in my opinion, is not to be missed. The fortifications (Ehrenberg Castle, Schlosskopf Fortress and Fort Claudia) are all free of charge.

Thrill seekers, who enjoy heights, will want to check out Highline 179. At 400 meters in length, Highline 179 is the longest Tibetan style pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. For just 8 Euros, you can take a stroll 376 feet above the valley below.

As you approach the ticket office/visitor center from the parking lot, you will get your first view of the suspension bridge and the castle.


Getting up to the castle and the suspension Bridge

The trails up to the castle, and the bridge, are very steep. There is, approximately, a 360 feet difference in altitude between the visitor center and the castle and bridge. There is now a cable car, Ehrenberg Liner, that will take you up the mountain in about 2.5 minutes. Those with impaired mobility are now able to enjoy the castle at the top. For 7 Euros (5 for children) they will give you a “lift” up the mountain. Combo tickets for lift and Highline are available. If it had been in operation when we visited, I would have definitely opted for the lift. I am always looking for ways to save my legs on these whirl wind vacations!

Highline 179 Suspension Bridge

I don’t do heights. I can’t go any further than the 2nd or 3rd rung on a ladder. My husband really enjoyed his time on the bridge though. I waited on solid ground, and watched the world go by. Don’t miss the 1645 Fort Claudia while you are over on the other side.

highline 179 suspension bridge Austria thrill seeking

Ehrenberg Castle

Ehrenberg Castle collage Austria

steps up to the castle…

steps to the Ehrenberg castle ruins Austria

The view from the top just can’t be beat and I’m just a tiny bit jealous of the fortunate souls who were blessed to live here and take in this view every day.

Ehrenberg Castle ruins collage Austria

There is actually a castle complex in this area, made up of 4 castles/forts. Here is a map of the area that shows all of the sites surrounding Ehrenberg Castle. In the area of the visitor center is also a museum and restaurant.

Knight Tournament

Be transported to the middle ages at the Knight tournaments, Ehrenberg, held yearly in July.

They have a medieval market, battle recreation, emperor’s parade, concerts, fireworks and more. According to their website they also have a medieval camp, described as “breathtaking when hundreds of fires are kindled in the evening and the flames touch the sky. Delicious odors waft through the camp when the women prepare dinner for the knights….Romanticism Once the sun sets, fires are kindled and music permeates the air when the Landsknechte sing you will be taken back in time and a few visitors may even forgot the time and stay the whole night.”

I suddenly experienced a bit of regret that we visited in September instead of July!

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