I hesitate to call myself a foodie because the term just doesn’t feel right for me. However, I do love food and it is ever a central part of my travels! When I travel I rarely ever eat at chain restaurants and always recommend trying the local specialties. You’ll find that in most of my articles have some snippet or or other about the food. I even have an entire category for unique dining experiences!

Let’s get down to some food talk in my favorite food articles!

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Food talk Tips for finding the best places to eat!

Two of my favorite resources for finding the best food in town are tripadvisor and google maps. To use tripadvisor simply google best places to eat in____ and then navigate straight to the tripadvisor results. You will find a list of places to eat at your destination, ranked from best to worst. One think I really like about Tripadvisor is there are lots of photos and photos are always in important part of my trip planning. When mapping out a route for my trip I like to go to google maps, zoom in on my route and look at the restaurant icons along the way. I have found some amazing places to eat this way!