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Wamego Kansas has taken the Wizard of Oz theme, ran with it, and really done a fantastic job! Spend a day here, and you will be transported to a colorful, Oz infused, feast for the eyes. Although they have gone to great lengths to make you feel like a whirling tornado transported you to the Land Of Oz, there is so much more to see and do in Wamego. It is a small town, with a great big identity…come and spend a day, or maybe two! because sometimes, there really is no place like home! 

Getting to Wamego

Highway 99, between interstate 70 and Wamego, has been officially designated as the “Road to Oz.”

road signs directing you to wamego kansas land of oz USA road to oz

Road to Oz signs, just off of Interstate 70, Exit 328, headed north toward Wamego

But no matter which direction you “blow” into town from, there is no mistaking, you have arrived!

Now that you’ve finally arrived I’d like to share my favorite things to do in Wamego on a daytrip.

First, let’s get down to what you came for, the Wizard of Oz stuff!

#1 Visit the Oz Museum in Wamego

If you did indeed come here for Oz, then the The Oz Museum, a tribute to all things Oz, is a must see. With over 2,000 items, it is one of the largest private collections of Oz memorabilia and in 2021 was included in USA Today’s “Best Pop Culture Museum” list.

oz museum exterior wamego kansas one of the largest collections of wizard of oz memorabilia

The Oz Museum, Wamego Kansas

Some of my favorite things from inside the museum.

interior wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

I have created a more in depth post for the Oz Museum, click this link if your interested. “All things Oz, the Oz Museum, Wamego Kansas.”

#2 follow the Yellow Brick Road in Wamego

Now’s the time to strap on those ruby red slippers Dorothy, and follow that yellow brick road! You’ll find it directly across from the museum.

follow the yellow brick road in wamego kansas land of oz USA

#3 Search for Toto in Wamego

There are 15 simply adorable Toto statues around Wamego, “Totos Around Town” they call them. Make a game of searching them out on your own, or pick up a map. Maps are available at several locations around town. I got my at the museum in the park.

search for totos around town wamego usa toto's around town map

Seriously, how cute are they!?

totos all around wamego kansas angie kunze toto's travels travel inspiration

Below: my personal favorites. L to R: Service Dog Toto, Community Toto, and Emerald City Toto.

#4 Stop for a bite to eat in Wamego

Hungry yet? Stop by Toto’s Tacoz for some tasty Cal-Mex.

Toto's Tacoz for some tasty Cal-Mex. places to eat around wamego kansas wizard of oz themed restaurant

Toto’s Tacoz has lots of fun OZ memorabilia, and menu items with names like “Emerald City Street Tacos,” “Tin Man Burrito,” “Uncle Henry or Auntie Em’s Nacho.”

Toto's Tacoz for some tasty Cal-Mex. places to eat around wamego kansas wizard of oz themed restaurant

Oz decor, Toto’s Tacoz

Another popular place to eat in town is the Friendship House. In addition to serving breakfast and lunch, they offer homemade baked goods.

friendship house wamego kansas bakery and restaurant breakfast and lunch

I can personally vouch for the Belgian waffle (get it with strawberries and homemade whipped cream!), the cherry kolache, the cinnamon rolls, and the French toast…delicious! I still need to try the Bierocks, served only on Saturday’s I’m told. I believe they have frozen Bierock, available for purchase anytime.

#5 Visit Wamego City Park where there’s lots to see and do.

Now that your belly is full, how about a walk in the park? Wamego has a beautiful park, that any town would be proud of. Here are a few photos of the park, but I think it deserves its own page. If you would like to see more of the park, follow this link to my Wamego City Park page.

city park pond wamego kansas

Wamego City Park, including the Schonhoff Dutch Mill, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Don’t miss the war memorial, found just on the outskirts of the park, also covered here in the Wamego City Park page.

veterans memorial wamego kansas

The Wamego Historical Museum is also located inside the park. The Museum property houses several historical buildings, which were moved here from various locations around Pottawatomie County. Inside, you will find it packed full of historical items from around Wamego, and the surrounding area. The museum is also covered under the Wamego City park page.

historical buildings wamego kansas historical museum

#5 Visit the birthplace of the founder of Chrysler Corporation in Wamego.

While we are on the subject of history, did you know that Walter P. Chrysler, the founder of Chrysler Corporation, was born in Wamego? His birthplace can still be found in town. There isn’t much to see, but it seems this is the house that took out the Wicked Witch of the West…so I got this fun picture! Find it located next to the McDonalds on Highway 24.

Walter P. Chrysler birthplace home wamego kansas and find the wicked witch with the house that killed her

#6 Visit the wineries and vineyards in Wamego.

If you like wine, there are two places in town that may interest you. First up the Oz Winery, where you can choose from wines with whimsical names like “Squished Witch,” “Emerald City Lights,” “Yellow Brick Road,” “Flying Money,” and “Drunken Munchkin,”….and many more! Check out their handmade chocolates and gourmet cheeses too.

oz winery wamego kansas wizard of oz themed wines gifts and gourmet treats

Highland Community College’s Wamego Campus has a viticulture certification program. They allow self-guided tours of their vineyards.

After you check out the vineyards, you can stop in for a glass of wine at 456 Wineries, sort of a communal space for up and coming winemakers. They call it a winery incubator!

Highland Community College's Wamego Campus has a viticulture wamego kansas vinyard tour

#7 Tour a working buffalo Ranch just outside of Wamego.

9 miles south of town is the Plumlee Buffalo Ranch, a 400 acre working ranch. They offer visitors private tours of their ranch. Let Shirley Plumlee show you around their place. You’ll get up close, and personal, with animals that have been roaming Kansas for centuries. Tours are by appointment only.

Click through for more about our tour of Plumlee Buffalo Ranch…..more pictures and video too!

plumlee ranch buffalo ranch tours wamego kansas

Whew, we covered a lot there. I can assure you, I didn’t cover it all. Wamego has a population of just 4,500. It is hard to believe that there is so much to see in a town of that size. If you love the Wizard of Oz, Wamego is a must see/do. While you likely won’t find any lions, tigers, or bears here, you will be treated to one big OZtravaganza, oh my!

other things to see and do in Wamego:

  • The Columbian Theater: built in 1895, it still offers live theater productions throughout the year.

  • OZtober Fest : food, vendors, entertainment, costume contests…one big celebration, centered around The Wizard of Oz, every October.

  • Tulip Festival: each spring, you’ll find thousands of tulips in bloom, and all manner of food, vendors and fun.

  • Independence Day Celebration, Wamego has one of the biggest fireworks displays in the state, in addition to a carnival, car show, tractor show, parade, concerts, food, drink, and more.

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