It’s that time of the year….ghost, goblins, and things that go bump in the night!

The Haunted Cannery in El Dorado Kansas does a frighteningly fantastic job of bringing all of your nightmares life. You will find a colorful fluorescent light feast for the eyes, with scares around every corner.

The cannery has been in the business of scaring people for 17 years, and it is evident that they spend a lot of time and money to ensure a hair raising experience. More from their website: “The Haunted Cannery is the ultimate spook house filled with horrifying music, clowns, chainsaws, zombies, spiders, vampires. werewolves, slides and anything horrific that comes to mind. In fact, the Haunted Cannery is everything found in your worst nightmare. “

The Cannery is one of the best haunted houses in Kansas, and they are open this year! Mask required for 2020.

I went last year with family. We laughed so much. I may have peed a little….I may have fell a time or two. It was great fun.

Where is the cannery located?

The cannery is located at 10001 Northwest, US-77, El Dorado, KS 67042. 

When is the cannery open?

They are open Friday and Saturday nights in October, from 8-11.

Where can I get tickets to the cannery and what type of ticket are available?

Tickets can be purchased online, or when you arrive. Lines are LONG. Purchase a fast-pass for $20 more (regular tickets are $20, so fast pass is $40)

BUT BEWARE, the RIP fast pass doesn’t JUST get you to the front of the line….as they explain on their website:Participants who pay extra for RIP FAST pass ticket admission get to experience the exclusive closed lid rolling casket ride at the RIP FAST PASS MORTUARY. Now take a horrifying close encounter to dying and experiencing the darkness while locked in a claustrophobic rolling casket on rails. (limit 2 corpses). RIP FAST pass ticket allows you to be “first in line ”

What is the haunted cannery like?

After we purchased tickets, we were soon loaded onto a wagon. The wagon ride took us further out onto the property, where the next line begins.

This is the archway, through which you will enter into another section of the line.

entrance to the haunted cannery El Dorado Kansas

enjoy a laser light show while you wait….

laser light show haunted cannery El Dorado Kansas

I felt a little like I was attending my first rave party.

I don’t know if we were in line for an hour? maybe two? I would recommend their fast pass (if you can stand being locked in a coffin…no way, not for me!) but the line can be fun too. They snake you through lots of spooky scenes on your way to the entrance.

Here are a few scenes from the line…

entrance to the haunted cannery El Dorado Kansas

and a few scenes from inside The Cannery!

frightful sights inside the haunted cannery el dorado kansas

I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but it is hard taking pictures when you are being chased by ax murderers, and spooky nuns! (ok, she scared me the most, absolutely terrifying…I lost a shoe, and couldn’t quite make it up the ramp, someone came back to help me up. Don’t let her see the fear in your eyes, because she really comes at you!)

I can’t wait to visit the Cannery again…. here’s to hoping you make it out alive! Happy Halloween!

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