Wooden bridge at Jezero Jasna Lake in Slovenia

Postcard perfect little Jezero Jasna is a bit of a hidden gem but it’s “hiding” right there in plain sight! (Jezero means lake in Slovenian) Crystal clear water produces a mirror like surface that reflects the surrounding mountains. Jezero Jasna Lake is located at the foot of the Julian Alps, near Kranjska Gora, a small village in Slovenia.

crystal clear water at Jezero Jasna Lake in Slovenia reflect the surrounding mountains
**crystal clear water at Jezero Jasna Lake in Slovenia reflect the surrounding mountains

Lake Jasna is actually two small interconnected artificial lakes that cover approximately 5 acres. Jasna is so beautiful that it’s hard to believe that it’s an artificial lake! It’s quite the work of art! Bravo Slovenia, bravo!

Don’t miss Jezero Jasna Lake!

We spent several days in the Triglav National Park and Bled areas. We had just completed the Vršič Pass scenic drive and were headed for Lake Bled when the most stunning emerald green lake came into view. We had a cram packed Slovenian itinerary and Jasna Lake didn’t make the cut. BOY was that a mistake! Needless to say, I immediately parked the car and made a B line for this breathtaking lake.

If you are visiting this area don’t miss Jezero Jasna Lake! Here’s everything you need to know!

Top things to do at Jezero Jasna Lake

walking path around the small lake

Hike or bike the relatively flat path that circles Jasna Lake, which takes approximately 30-45 minutes to walk. If you’re on a walking holiday be sure to stop here! Wooden bridges and boardwalks can be found around the lake.

an idyllic path surrounds Jezero Lake Jasna in Slovenia
circular walk around the lake: an idyllic path surrounds Jezero Lake Jasna (notice the Jasna Challet Resort and restaurant in the distance)
Wooden bridge at Jezero   Jasna Lake in Slovenia
wooden bridges and walkways between the new beach areas make for fanciful walks around the lake
photo opportunities around Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
stop for fun photo opportunities around the lake (in the background of many of these photos are Razor and Prisank mountains)
wooden walking trail around Lake Jasna Slovenia
**wooden walking trail around the lake
Jezero Jasna Lake like glass
a photographers paradise: glasslike water, don’t miss the different views as you circle the lake!

climb the observation deck

There’s a new three-tiered wooden diving platform, resembling a castle turret. Climb up the tower for the best views of Jasna Lake.

Climb the observation deck at Jezero Jasna Lake for the best views of the lake!
6-metre-high viewing platform: Climb the observation deck for the best views of the lake! Jump off the top if you dare (it may not be death defyingly high but that water is COLD! )

Kozorog (capricorn) Zlatorog – Le Chamois Blanc Bronze statue

One of the most recognized scenes of Lake Jasna is the bronze statue of an Ibex on a natural rock. The statue was created between 1986 and 1988 by the sculptor Stojan Batič. An ibex or Chamois is an Alpine chamois is a species of goat-antelope native to mountains in Europe. You’ll see images of these creatures quite often in these mountainous areas of Slovenia. (and sometimes Zlatorog the mythical version, literal translation, Golden Horn)

Kozorog (capricorn) Zlatorog - Le Chamois Blanc Bronze statue at   Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
**Kozorog (capricorn) Zlatorog – Le Chamois Blanc Bronze statue at Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
Le Chamois Blanc Bronze statue Jasna Lake Slovenia
Statue of Goldhorn: **Le Chamois Blanc Bronze statue

relax at Lake Jasna

Take a break! Stop and sit and take in the wonderful views of the Julian Alps that surround the lake. Bring a book read and just relax for a time, let the cares of the world melt away. Forgot to bring a book, NO PROBLEM! look for the little library box where you can borrow one!

relax on a park bench with beautiful surroundings at Jezero Jasna Lake in Slovenia
lakeshore relaxing! there are plenty of places to relax on a park bench with beautiful surroundings
wooden dock Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
or sit and dip your toes in the water from the wooden dock in this stunning Alpine Lake!

summer activities

Jezero Jasna comes alive in the warmer months! There are many family activities, here are a few:

  • Swimming: yes, you are permitted to swim BUT Jasna is an Alpine Lake and Alpine lakes tend to be COLD! If it’s a bit too cold for your liking, you can still cool yourself on a hot day but dipping your toes in the water!
  • Cold treats at the ice cream parlour: Grab an ice cream or cold drink at one of the kiosks to cool yourself on a warm summer day.
  • Sunbathing: Sunbathing is a popular thing to do in summer for those who are looking to work on their summer tan.
  • Find a shady spot: Cool off under one of the many shaded areas among the trees surrounding the lake.
  • Snorkeling: Bring your snorkeling equipment and watch the fish swim in the crystal-clear waters!
  • Stand up Paddle Boards (SUP): You may be able to rent SUP boards across the lake at the Kasabrin Jezero Jasna cafe.
crystal clear water at Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
crystal clear water, bring your snorkeling equipment if you can stand the cold water!

fly fishing

Fly fishing is the only type of fishing permitted at Jezero Lake Jasna and the Sava Dolinka River where you can find brown trout, rainbow trout and goldfish. You are permitted to take home a maximum of 3 fish. (The upper part of the Sava Dolinka, (the source of the Sava Dolinka River) running along the main road from Podkoren to Mojstrana. The water is extremely clear, the width of the gravel stream is about 4 m.) FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED. You can get further details and obtain a permit here.


Next to the lake, in addition to the apartments, there is also a playground.

morning yoga on Jezero Jasna Lake

Wake up to the sounds of nature and boost your mental and spiritual awareness in this alpine paradise. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.30 am they offer yoga and meditation at the lake. Starting the end of June. Get details on the Kranjska-Gora website.


The restaurant located on the lake is magically lit at night. Stop and take in the tranquil setting as you enjoy the lights glittering off of the water.

important details

Toilets / bathrooms

Public toilets can be found around the lake.


Yes, well behaved pets are welcome.

when to visit

Avoiding crowds

As you might guess this lake can get a little crowded in Summer.
The general rules of thumb for avoiding crowds at popular destinations apply:

  • Visit early morning or late in the day
  • Weekdays are often less crowded than weekends.
  • Travel in the shoulder or off season: Summer months are peak season / high season, spring and fall are considered shoulder seasons, and winter months are off season.


Year round weather and temperatures at Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
Photo: Lake Jasna weather

Source: NOAA (for approximation purposes only)

Winter Wonderland: Winter is a magical time at the lake. The photo opportunities of the lake blanketed in snow make it worth visiting. Restaurants are serving up hot drinks and don’t miss the igloos!)

Jezero Jasna lake in winter
don’t miss out on the beauty of winter at lake Jasna! the lake covered in a blanket of snow in winter

Raining on your parade?

Don’t let it stop you! Gear up, grab an umbrella and go dance in the rain! If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a heavy yet atmospheric mist over the lake! (safety first! DON’T dance in the rain when there is lightening!)

Jezero Jasna Lake in the rain!
Don’t let the rain stop you! Jasna Lake is pretty even in the rain, with the valley covered in a romantic mist.

webcam and video

Get a glimpse of the lake in this Youtube video!

visit Jezero Jasna Lake!


Can’t make it to Jasna Lake just yet? Check out the Lake Jasna webcam!

Getting to Lake Jezero Jasna

closest airport:

Ljubljana International Airport: Lake Jasna from Ljubljana (70 km)

(The resort on Lake Jasna offers shuttle service from the airport.)

distance from:

  • Ljubljana 87 km
  • Bled 40 km
  • Lake Bohinj 70 km (with a Goldenhorn/ Statue of Zlatorog of it’s own!)
  • Villach Austria 25 km (just a 30 minute drive)


address: 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
GPS coordinates: 46.47441812359772, 13.783800398043509

Google Map image and link to interactive Google map of Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
link to interactive Google map of Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia


free parking: (the best spots are at no extra cost!)

I parked along the highway that passes the lake for free where there are generously sized pull off spots. There may be a time limit so check for signs before you leave your car, otherwise there is paid parking at the following location:

paid parking at Parkirišče Jasna (parking lot)

address: Naselje Ivana Krivca 1, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

prices starting at 1,5 euros for the first hour. Every next hour 2,5 euros.)
Must pay with either a (contactless) credit card or Easy Park parking app. (pay with credit card) The parking lot / car park is unattended.
Camping: RV camping is possible in this parking area with access to water, electricity and sanitary facilities with hot water. 24 euro per day

public Transportation:

Train: The nearest train station is in Jesenice. There are also railway stations in Tarvisio in Italy and in Villach in Austria. You can then take a taxi to Jasna or a bus to Kranjska Gora.

Bus: The bus stop in centre of Kranjska Gora is just down the street from the Mercator grocery store and is a 2 km walk to the lake.

Use the Rome2Rio app and website to seamlessly plan your route via public transportation.

where to stay

If you’re looking for food and accommodation you won’t have to go far. There are some choices right on the lake! (prices based on double occupancy)

stay right on the lake!

Jasna Chalet Resort and Apartments

Each unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, oven, dishwasher and dining table, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Paid airport shuttle from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport) Guest rating: 9.2 prices: starting at $310 per night

check rates and book now on Booking.com!

Jasna Chalet Resort and restaurant at Jezero Jasna Lake Slovenia
Jasna Chalet Resort and restaurant

Looking for something different? Here are some other stand out accommodations.

Within Walking Distance:

Hotel Kotnik

A cute fanciful building with an immaculate interior, you can’t go wrong with this one! Guest rating: 9.1 prices: starting at $130 per night distance from Lake Jasna: 1.6 km

check rates and book it now on booking.com!

Hotel Pino Alpino

Located next to the small church in Kranjska Gora, this is a real cozy option in a quiet area, with a restaurant with tasty food options! ask for a room with mountain views! guest rating: 9.2 prices: starting at $136 per night distance from the lake: 1.5 km

check rates and book it now on booking.com!

something out of the way but VERY Special

On the south side of Triglav National Park, near Most na Soči is a very special rustic farmhouse B&B. It’s 97 km from Jasna Lake but if you plan to explore that area it is well worth the drive. You can read all about Klavze 28 here or if you prefer, just book it now!

Klavze 28 farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Most na Soci Slovenia
Klavze 28 farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Most na Soci Slovenia

If you have a car

Triangel Boutique Hotel

This beautiful little chalet has a mountain backdrop, spa services and 5 star dining options! Guest rating: 9.6 prices: starting at $186 per night distance from Lake Jasna: 6 km

check rates and book now on booking.com!

Where to eat (Lake Jasna Restaurant options)

Eat right on the lake! There are a couple of locations located right on Lake Jasna.

Alpine beach at Jasna Lake

Grab a seat right on the water or cozy up to the fireplace in the evening!

Alpine Bubbles winter restaurant

Eat at one of the transparent igloo bubbles where you can keep warm in winter but still enjoy the views!

Kasabrin Jezero Jasna (cafe)

on the far side of the lake, serves a variety of drinks and ice cream.

Other things to do nearby

The Hydroelectric plant

along the Pišnica River has a small waterfall that flows into a blue pool of water. Distance from free roadside parking: approx 450 meters

Suspension Bridge

Viseči most oziroma brv nad sotesko Pišnice ob osamelcu Baba pri jezeru Jasna v Kranjski gori. This suspension bridge has a two tiered waterfall. Distance from free roadside parking: approx. 400 meters

Scenic Gorges

There are two ridiculously scenic gorges in the area:

  • Vintgar Gorge (35 km) 
  • Tolmin Gorge (88 km, on the other side of the park)

ski resort

The Vogel Ski Resort is a popular spot for winter sport enthusiasts, (70 km from Jasna)

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s only National Park, boasts incredible views of the high mountain peaks of the Julian Alps. The park circles Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, and the highest peak in the Slovenian Alps. The park is a popular tourist destination that provides mountain views with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and mountains, plenty of outdoor activities, and perfect tourist photo opportunities.

Fun fact: It is said that to be a true Slovenian, you have to climb Mount Triglav at least once in your life. It is recommended that you are physically in good condition and hire a professional guide for this activity!

Vršič Pass

Lake Jasna is basically the entry point to the park, and as you enter you’ll soon find yourself at the starting point of one of the best things about the whole park, the crazy mountain pass known as Vrsic Pass. This mountain road has 50!!! Hairpin turns, each one more thrilling than the next! It’s one of the perfect places for a wild and crazy road trip!

The first stop is the Russian Chapel (Ruska kapelica) a great place to get out and stretch your legs. The chapel was built a long time ago by Russian war prisoners during World War I. (source: Wikipedia) In my opinion one of the best places to stop on the entire drive is hairpin #25 when you reach the very top! See a great view along the way? No problem, there are plenty of places to park along the route! 

How much time does the Vrsic Pass take? From Lake Jasna, just south of the town of Kranjska Gora and ends at the mountain village of Trenta. (We stopped in the alpine village for a bite to eat.) It’s about an hour drive to complete the pass. (Double that if you plan to come back the same way) However, be sure to give yourself enough time to fully explore beautiful places in this gorgeous park. Give yourself a bit of time for some of the best things in the park in your free time which include:

  • Pericnik waterfall: with its 52m drop it’s one of Slovenia’s highest waterfalls.
  • The Soča River: a milky shade of stunning blue, it may just be the prettiest thing you’ll see! 
  • Ajdovska Deklica (the Heathen Maiden) is a popular legend in this traditional region of Slovenia. Her face stands out in the rock face of one of the mountains.  The best viewpoint is just beside the Poštarski dom mountain hut that is the last cottage on the Vršič.

The best time to visit Triglav National Park

The best time to visit is in summer when there is good weather and better access to fun activities like hiking, rating, and kayaking. Winter is possibly the most picturesque time in the park and the surrounding area, however a lot of snow makes for treacherous driving and sometimes closed mountain passes.

Is Jezero Lake Jasna worth it / worth seeing? and why you shouldn’t miss it!

In my opinion yes! overall score 10/10! Jezero Jasna lake is a must see with its crystal clear emerald green water and surrounding mountain landscape! I dare you to drive by without stopping. I have heard more than one person say that they thought Jasna was more beautiful than even lake Bled, and that’s saying A LOT! PLUS there are lots of things to see and do at this beautiful lake and THAT is why you don’t want to miss it!

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