My life started on a farm in southeast Missouri. As a young child, my father joined the Army. His first duty station was Ft. Riley Kansas, then on to Illesheim Germany.

I was very sad to leave the farm and the animals, especially the calves, who were my first friends. Moving to Germany, and spending my childhood as an Army dependent, turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. It instilled in me a passion for travel and adventure, that very much defined who I am today. Growing up in Germany, it seemed as if the turn of each corner presented something new and wonderful. When I left Germany, I left a big piece of my heart behind; I call it the home of my heart. Now, my heart pushes me to keep turning corners. 

Currently, I am back in Kansas where I work full-time in the office of a construction union. I’m counting the days until retirement so I can make travel my full-time occupation.  I am married to my best friend, who gladly goes wherever my notions take us. We have two beautiful daughters with beautiful families of their own. I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and basically anything outdoors. Some of the things I love: nature, animals, tweaking recipes, reading, photography and Kansas State football (go Cats!)

Angie Kunze, founder/content creator at Toto’s Travels

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