about me page: Angie Kunze, founder and Content creator at We're Not in Kansas anymore travel publication and blog:

My life started on a farm in southeast Missouri, USA. When I was a young child my father joined the Army. His first duty station was Ft. Riley Kansas, then on to Illesheim Germany.

Moving to Germany, and spending my childhood as an Army dependent, turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. It instilled in me a passion for travel and adventure, that very much defines who I am today.

Growing up in Germany, it seemed as if the turn of each corner presented something new and wonderful. When I left Germany, I left a big piece of my heart behind; I call it the home of my heart.

Now, my heart pushes me to keep turning corners. 


Currently, I am back in Kansas where I work full-time in an office. I spend almost all of my spare time researching my next trip (or trips!) I study Germany like it’s my full time job! I get a thrill from just researching a new place.

why you should trust me:

I’ve been planning trips for 27 years and I LOVE IT! It really gets me excited to learn about a new place and start dreaming about being there in the flesh.

A few years ago I founded this travel publication.

Am I an expert? NO! I am just like many of you, I’m doing a lot of this stuff, and visiting a lot of these places, for the first time. I’ve done the research. I’ve made the mistakes and I’m here to share what I learned and help you avoid them!

what I can do for you:

  • I can take the work out of your travel planning
  • travel tips and resources to help plan your BEST trip!
  • save yourself some hassles and headaches
  • picture it! photos and video!
  • honesty

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Angie Kunze, founder/content creator at We’re Not in Kansas Anymore