Berg Eltz Castle Germany, the Medieval Europe castle

Burg Eltz Castle Germany is an authentic Medieval castle located in the Burg Eltz Mosel Valley. The same family has maintained possession of the castle since the 12th century (34 generations!) and it is one of Germany’s most famous castles. 

Some would even consider Eltz Castle the most beautiful castle in Europe, giving Neuschwanstein castle a run for its money. 

There is just something most appealing about this perfect little castle that has remained virtually undisturbed, tucked away in a lush 300-acre forest in Germany, for 865 years. 

A trip to Castle Eltz Germany is a trip back to the middle ages! You are simply going to adore its decidedly fanciful fairy tale exterior. 

The castle is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate Germany state of south west Germany. It is situated in the Eifel Mountain Range in Germany, between the Moselle River and Rhine River. 

Can you visit Eltz Castle?

Yes you can! We’ve put together the Ultimate Burg Eltz Travel Guide so keep reading for everything you’ll need to know before you go.

Did we forget anything important in our Ultimate Burg Eltz Travel guide? Let us know in the comments!

Is Eltz Castle worth visiting?

Yes without a doubt, it is one of Germany’s biggest attractions. With the hiking trails that surround the castle, you can make a day out of your trip to Eltz Castle. This gem is a favorite castle of many and is without a doubt a favorite of mine! Add it to your Germany bucket list now!

Keep reading through this guide to see exactly why this is such a popular destination.

Bert Eltz Castle exterior, Germany. Castles inspiration from Toto's Travels
Berg Eltz Castle Germany

Mosel Burg Eltz castle description

What is special about Eltz Castle? Due to its isolated location deep in the forest Mosel Burg Eltz Castle Germany has never been destroyed, preserving almost 1,000 years of history.

The castle was able to withstand a 5-year siege (astounding!!!) To have survived all of these centuries without being destroyed is quite an impressive feat.

The original castle was added onto through the years leaving it with a fanciful mix of architectural styles.

The current structure has notes of Medieval architecture, Romanesque architecture, Baroque architecture, and Gothic architecture. 

architecture Mosel burg eltz castle mix of architectural styles as the castle took shape over the years
the Eltz Castle is a fanciful mix of architectural styles, photo credit: Hermann Luyken / wiki commons

Where is the castle located?

Burg Eltz Germany is located in Wierschem nestled in the hills above the Moselle River (Mosel River) The castle is surrounded on three sides by the Elzbach River, a tributary on the north side of the Moselle valley. 

Eltz is nestled in a dense forest. Eltz forest has been named a nature preserve. 

The castle was an important part of the Holy Roman Empire because of its location on one of these important trade routes.

the official address for Mosel Burg Eltz Castle Germany:

Burg Eltz 1, 56294 Wierschem, Germany

Google Maps should direct you to the parking area – Burg Eltz Parken )

More information on how to get to Burg Eltz castle can be found further down in this article. 


Berg Eltz Castle Note:

A common misspelling is “ Berg Eltz Castle ” spelled with an “e” rather than the correct way with a “u.” In German a “ Berg “ is a mountain, while a “ Burg “ or “Schloss / Schloß ” is a castle! No matter which way you found this article I hope that you find everything you need to visit the amazingly wonderful Schloss Eltz Castle / Schloß Eltz in Germany! 

Touring Mosel Burg Eltz

The Only way to visit Eltz castle is a guided tour of the castle. The guided castle tour lasts 35-40 minutes

Tours can be given in English and French as well as a German tour. Information sheets in Chinese, English, French Italian, Japanese, Dutch tours, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish are available. 

The Treasury can be visited independently from the guided tour. 

(prices and opening times are subject to change for the most current and up to date information on cost of entry can be found on the castle website.)

Opening Times

April 1-Nov 1 daily (including public holidays) 9:30 am – 5 pm (17:30)

How much does it cost to visit Eltz Castle?

The entrance fee to visit the castle is €12,00 for adults, €7,00 for children

Bring cash?

At last check they do not accept credit cards for parking, shuttle bus fees, restaurant purchases, or entrance fees BUT f you spend a minimum amount in the gift shop you may be able to pay with a credit card.

How much time do I need to visit Burg Eltz?

It is recommended that you allot 2.5 hours for your visit to Burg Eltz but with the trails, gift shop, and tasty food options you may want slow things down a bit and make a full day of it. 

When is the best time to visit Burg Eltz?

Visit early morning or late afternoon to beat the crowds. Early morning is a great time to cast the scenic golden morning light as it illuminates the castle.


Animals not allow

The Medieval entrance welcomes visitors to Burg Eltz Castle in Germany
The Medieval entrance welcomes visitors to Mosel Burg Eltz Castle in Germany, photo credit: Hammond travels/ wiki commons

The Eltz Castle Inside

Many of the original furnishings from 850 years ago still remain in the Eltz Castle interior. Interiors that have remained in large part unchanged throughout the centuries. 

Photos are not permitted inside the castle, therefore I do not have any photos of the castle interior.

Inside the Eltz castle you’ll find suits of armor, swords, gold and silver artifacts (treasure!) 

interior photos of Burg Eltz Castle Germany
Photos of the Eltz Castle interior are not permitted during the tour: interior photo of medieval Castle Eltz, photo credit: wiki commons

(Look for the fool’s heads, representing freedom of speech, on the wall of the Knights hall.)

The Eltz castle inside the treasury:

Here are a couple of my favorite items in the treasury:

gold santa from the treasury at Burg Eltz Castle Germany
photo caption: gold Santa from the castle treasury
treasure found inside the treasury at Burg Eltz Castle Germany
more treasure found inside the treasury at Burg Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle Inside the inner courtyard:

a view of the inner courtyard burg eltz castle germany
a view of the inner courtyard, medieval castle Eltz. photo credit: Angie M. Kunze
The burg Eltz castle dragon
photo caption: The burg Eltz castle dragon bay window
Madonna Virgin depiction found on the inner courtyard walls of Burg Eltz Castle Germany
Madonna / Virgin depiction found on the inner courtyard walls, photo credit: Hermann Luyken / wiki commons
eltz castle explore the recesses of the castle inside the walls on the burg eltz castle tour in germany
The Eltz Castle interior courtyard: Explore the recesses of the castle inside the walls on the Burg Eltz Castle Tour, photo credit: Derzno
castle window at Burg Eltz Castle Germany
photo credit: Angela M. Kunze

Interesting facts about Castle Eltz Germany

One interesting fact about the castle Eltz is that from 1965 to 1992 the castle was depicted on the German 500 Deutsche Mark note Burg Eltz castle has also adorned German postage stamps. 

500 dm deutsche mark depicting burg eltz castle germany photo from wikipedia commons
500 DM (Deutsche Mark) bill depicting Burg Eltz Castle photo credit: wikipedia commons
German stamp depicting burg eltz castle photo from german stamps .org
German postage stamp depicting Burg Eltz Castle. published 1977. design by Heinz Schillinger. photo credit: German Stamps .org

Castle amenities

Gift Shop:

There’s a castle shop where you can shop for souvenirs. 

(Wondering what to buy in Germany? check out my guide to German Souvenirs!)

Burg Eltz Restaurant

There are two Restaurants at Burg Eltz. They are more like snack stands serving brats, flammkuchen, currywurst, soups, sandwiches and desserts. but the food is quite good! 

You’ll find food at the IMBISS (snack stand, smells like heaven.)

burg eltz restaurant snack food torte cake and currywurst with french fries pommes
Burg Eltz Restaurant food: currywurst with pommes , mayo and curry ketchup from the snack stand AND cake! YUM!

Castle grounds

There’s a little trail just outside of the castle that leads to the stone bridge where you can get another perspective on the caste. The area is teaming with hiking trails. For more information see the “hiking” section further down in this article.

The paths surrounding the castle afford different views and perspectives of the castle:

view of Burg Eltz Castle Germany from the path below the castle

eltz castle view from a distance by Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash
a beautiful view of famous Eltz Castle
photo credit: Photo by David Emrich

The official Mosel Burg Eltz website has a really great map of the castle grounds. You can navigate to a high quality map on their site by clicking this link:

Eltz map from the official website

Castle Eltz history and the Eltz Castle family

The Eltz Castle family and castle are named for the Elzbach River that winds around the castle. 

When was Burg Eltz built?

There was a castle here prior to 1157 although the exact date of its construction is not known. “Platteltz, a Romanesque keep, is the oldest part of the castle, having begun in the 9th century as a simple manor with an earthen palisade.” -wikipedia

1157 was the first documented mention of the Eltz castle and its inhabitants. 

In 1268 ownership of the castle was divided among 3 brothers who were the Eltz Castle family heirs. 

Castles were expensive to build and a single Lord rarely had the means to build so local Lords often came together to build one castle to house their families. So, joint ownership was an ideal situation for the 3 heirs to Burg Eltz. 

The 3 branches of the Eltz family heirs to the Eltz Castle were: the Rübenach “ house of the Silver Lion ,” the Rodendorf “ house of the Buffalo Horns ,” and the Kempenich branch “ house of the Golden Lion ” 

Rubenach family branch coat of arm, Burg Eltz, Wierschem, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany photo from trolvag /wiki commons
Rubenach family branch coat of arm, Burg Eltz, photo from trolvag /wiki commons

In the years that followed, the 3 branches of the Eltz family that were joint heirs to the castle set about constructing their private quarters in the castle. 

The castle took shape as the 3 sections were constructed. The Kempenich section was completed early on, while what you see of the caste today  that is known as the Rodendorf section was completed in the 16th century. The Rübenach section is a 17th century late Gothic style.

 In 1786 the Rodendorf branch of the Eltz family died out.

In 1815 the barons of eltz-Rübenach branch of the family sold their share of the castle to the counts of Eltz-Kempenich, leaving this branch of the family the sole heirs to the Eltz Castle.

In the 19th century Count Karl zu Eltz went about the restoration work and preservation of the castle at an expense of what today would be tens of millions of dollars.

Does anyone live in Eltz Castle?

Today the Rodendorf and Rübenach families’ homes in the castle are open to the public, while the Kempenich branch of the Eltz Castle family uses the other third of the castle. They still today maintain private apartments at Eltz.

The current owner (2022) of the castle Eltz is Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz-Kempenich, 34th generation of the Eltz family.

It is really quite amazing that not only has the castle Eltz endured through the ages, untouched, it has remained in the same family since its name was first recorded 865 years ago!

Getting to Burg Eltz Castle


There are a variety of ways to get to the castle, including the easiest way, driving right up to the car park.

Castle Parking lot address: 

Parkplatz Burg Eltz ( Burg Eltz Parken ) 

address: K38, 56294 Wierschem, Deutschland

Parking fee: 4 euros, 8 for camper vans and coaches

Castle bus: 

The road leading up to the castle Eltz is a private road and it’s a .6 mile walk from the parking lot to the castle. You can walk or you can take the castle shuttle bus which leaves the parking lot every 10 minutes. Price per person 2€.

by train

Hatzenport train station: Public transport is also possible to reach Burg Elz. The castle website suggests traveling to the train station in Hatzenport which is about 6 miles from the castle.  You will need to then take a bus no. 365 to the castle. 

Moselkern train station plus a hike: Or you can take the trail to Moselkern and walk from there. We did a Cochem Burg Eltz day trip.

When I heard about the walk through a fairy forest I knew that I would be taking the route through the trees! We left our car parked at our hotel in Cochem and took a short train ride from Cochem to Moselkern. Our walk began at the train station in Moselkern. 

The entire hike from the train station to the castle  Eltz was about an hour. As you approach the end of the hike the trees part and you’ll get your first view of the beautiful castle.

Burg Eltz CCastle Germany as seem through the trees hiking trail from Moselkern

car/ hike combo

We enjoyed the hike BUT the first half of the hike was through the tiny town and along the outskirts so not really very scenic. 

The hike is a great option but there is an even better option. The Best way I think is to drive to Hotel Ringelsteiner Muhle which is located about half way through the hike and cuts off the dull part of the hike. (Elztal 94, 56254 Moselkern, Germany) from there the rest of the hike was all trails through forest.

The second half of the hike is the best part anyway, and it will cut your hike nearly in half. Parking at the hotel is e 3€ from there it’s about 1.5 miles a 36-minute hike to the castle.

hiking trail Moselkern to Burg Eltz Castle Germany
photo caption: happy hikers! hiking trail from Moselkern train station to Burg Eltz Castle

Hiking in the Eltz Forest ( wandern Burg Eltz )

There are hiking trails all around the castle in the deep forests of the Eifel Region. 

Here are two top picks: 

Trutzeltz Castle trail

Trutzeltz Castle trail is a 2 mile out and back trail that includes views of Trutzeltz castle ruins.

Here’s a map of the trail from alltrails with the castle circles.

Rundweg trail

Rundweg trail is a 4.6 mile loop BUT it includes the walk to Hotel Ringelsteiner Muhle which was discussed earlier. If you prefer just to walk the loop surrounding the castle I believe it cuts off 3 miles from the hike total.

Here is a map of the Rundweg trail

rundweg trail around berg eltz castle and to moselkern

more hikes:

 Ich Gehe Wandern (I go hiking) website has information on additional hikes in the Medieval Burg Eltz Castle area. 

The beautiful Burg Eltz Castle in Germany makes a great day trip and is a wonderful addition to your itinerary. 

special dining opportunity

Looking for a special dining opportunity in the area? Just 16 km from Eltz Castle is Alte Muhle Thomas Horeth where you’ll find a restaurant in a 1,000-year-old mill and it’s not to be missed! Make a reservation in the wine cellar!

hotels in the area (Burg Eltz hotels in der nähe)

Looking to book accommodations (Burg Eltz unterkünfte)?

castle hotes

Want to add a truly special touch to your trip? You’re just kilometers away from some of the best Rhine River Castle hotels! and I’ve got a full list for you!

the closest option

Landhaus vor Burg Eltz

Located less than 2 km by car, this is your closest option (hotel nähe Burg Eltz.)

book Landhaus vor Burg Eltz here on!

Hiking trail through the forest

Hotel Ringelsteiner Muhle

Want to slow things down a bit and explore all of the trails? It’s 13 km from Eltz by car but only 2.5 km via the wooded trail!

Book a room at Hotel Ringelsteiner Muhle here on!

Beilstein Germany, relax on the beautiful Moselle River

Cochem is GREAT but if your looking for an alternative how about Beilstein, on the banks of the Moselle? Beilstein is 30 km from Eltz Castle by car. Here are some of my favorite Beilstein options:

Altes Zollhaus

is a beautiful family-run hotel in a building dating from 1643. It sits directly on the banks of the Moselle River.

book Altes Zollerhaus on!

Hotel Restaurant Alte Stadtmauer

This cozy hotel has a vine covered terrace restaurant with views of the river.

book Hotel Restaurant Alte Stadtmauer on!

Hotel Haus Burg Metternich

This family-run hotel at the foot of the Metternich Castle has a vine draped terrace with panoramic views of the Moselle.

book Hotel Haus Burg Metternich on!

search for more at!


Medieval Eltz castle is a wonderfully preserved world class treasure. There is something really special about it. If you’re into old and ancient then you may be interested in adding the best medieval towns in Germany to your travel itinerary!

Need help with your itinerary? I have an epic 2 week Germany itinerary (with stops in France, Switzerland and Austria!

and don’t miss out on Germany’s #1 most recognized castle, Neuschwanstein!

attention: privacy notice: photographs are permitted of Burg Eltz for private use only. The photos published here are for educational purposes only. all photographs on this site are property of Angie Kunze and are not to be duplicated without express permission.

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