artwork from the exterior of the oz museum wamego kansas

With over 2,000 items, the Oz Museum, in Wamego Kansas, boasts one of the largest private collections of Oz collectables and memorabilia in the world, and in 2021 earned a spot on USA Today’s “Best Pop Culture Museum List.” Their collection includes 1st edition books by L Frank Baum, hand prints from some of the original munchkins, and more Oz related items than you can see in a day. 

oz museum exterior wamego kansas one of the largest collections of wizard of oz memorabilia

Let’s Take a look inside the Oz Museum Wamego Kansas!

top 10 items inside the museum

1-Munchkin jacket from the 1939 MGM film

2-Flying Monkey miniatures, used in the movie the Wizard of Oz

3-First Edition of the 1900 “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” book

4-Woozy Doll, made by L. Frank Baum

5-Original MGM 1939 movie production notes

6-Stage props from the Broadway Musical “Wicked”

7-Death certificate signed by the original Munchkin Coroner

8-Yellow brick from Baum’s military grade school

9-Gloves of Munchkin Nita Krebs

10-Lullaby League’er Olga’s Vaudeville travel kit & Costume

(above info taken from the “Welcome to Oz Brochure”)

Find your favorite Wizard of Oz characters at the Oz Museum:

wizard of oz characters inside the oz museum wamego kansas dorothy gale tin man cowardly lion scarecrow

Dorothy Gale, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and The Cowardly Lion

glenda the good witch munchkin wicked witch is dead oz museum wamego kansas

Glinda the Good Witch, Munchkin Mayor, Winkie Guard, What’s left of the Wicked Witch of the West


Take a little walk through the haunted forest:

wicked witch haunted forest flying monkeys oz museum wamego kansas

The Haunted Forrest: The Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey

Books…and more books! 

original collectable books wizard of oz inside the oz museum wamego kansas

 You’ll find a variety of memorabilia at the Oz Museum: 

dorothy gale judy garland ruby red shoes wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

Ode to Dorothy Gale

cowardly lion wizard of oz museum wamego kansas
tin man memorabilia wizard of oz museum wamego kansas


signs, posters, and artwork:

movie posters inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas
all things oz inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas

Have a little fun with props and the characters:


fun photo opportunities inside the wizard of oz museum wamego kansas angie kunze toto's travels



There exterior of the building boats some really beautiful artwork:

artwork from the exterior of the oz museum wamego kansas

See all of this a the Oz museum and much much more!

Make sure you test out the Tornado Machine in the gift shop before you leave! and don’t forget to visit Wamego’s Oztober Fest in the fall, a celebration of all things Wizard of OZ! see you there!

More things to see and do in Wamego:

I’m off to see the Wizard, in Wamego Kansas, because sometimes, there really is no place like home!

Wamego City Park, Wamego Kansas

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