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Berg Eltz Castle, a fan favorite of many, is without a doubt a favorite of mine! There is just something so appealing about this perfect little castle that has remained virtually undisturbed, tucked away in a lush 300-acre forest in Germany, for 850 years. A trip to Berg Eltz is a virtual trip back to the middle ages! and I simply adore its decidedly fanciful fairy tale exterior.

the castle and its inhabitants

This castle survived a 5-year siege (astounding!!!), and due to its ideal location hidden deep in the forest, also boasts that it has never been destroyed. To have survived all of these centuries without destruction is quite an impressive feat, and definitely something to brag about. Not only has it endured through the ages, untouched, it has remained in same family since it was constructed 850 years ago. (mind blowing!) The family still today maintain private apartments in the castle. Visitors are fortunate that this gracious family is willing to share their treasure with the world.

Berg Eltz visitor information

It is recommended that you allot 2.5 hours for your visit to Burg Eltz but with the trails, gift shop, and tasty food options you may want slow things down a bit and make a full day of it. Check their site for a full listing of visitor information.

Getting to Berg Eltz Castle

There are a variety of ways to get to the castle, including driving right up to the car park (check here for information)


How about a stroll through a fairy forest instead?

Upon researching this castle in Rick Steve’s Germany guidebook, I knew the minute I heard about the option to arrive at the castle through a fairy forest that, as for myself, I would be taking the tree lined route! We left our car parked at our hotel and took a short train ride from Cochem to Moselkern. Our walk began at the train station in Moselkern. The first half of the hike was through the tiny town and along the outskirts. After arriving at Hotel Ringelsteiner Muhle (Elztal 94, 56254 Moselkern, Germany) the rest of the hike was all trails through forest.

The entire hike from the train station to the castle was about an hour. As you approach the end of the hike the trees part and you’ll get your first view of the beautiful castle.


Next time, I would just drive to the ,Ringelseiner Muhler Hotel, located about half-way through the hike, and walk from there instead. The second half of the hike is the best part anyway, and it will cut your hike nearly in half. Parking at the hotel is e 3,00 from there it’s about a 30-minute hike to the castle.

There are hiking trails all around the castle. Check the information provided by their official website.

Food at Berg Eltz Castle

You’ll find food at the IMBISS (snack stand, smells like heaven) at the castle, quite good food in fact!

,check here for the full listing of dining options at the castle

Mishaps at the train stations

We had tiny mishaps at the train stations in both Cochem and Moselkern. You can read about it in my Public Transportation for Beginners article. (under Bonus Content: my own fumblings and bumblings)

this is part of a larger trip

to read about the full trip follow this link

,Germany, Switzerland, and Austria: a highlight packed two-week itinerary

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