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Germany Austria multi-country europe Switzerland

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria: a two-week, highlight packed, whirlwind vacation itinerary

Germany in my heart Germany was the goal. I grew up there, and I love it beyond measure, but it had been 20 years since I had stepped foot in my beloved Germany. I NEEDED to go home. but where to start? Although I had lived there throughout my childhood, I wasn’t quite sure where …

Ehrenberg Castle in the Austrian Alps, Austria Travel Inspiration

Ehrenberg Castle Ruins, and Highline 179 Suspension Bridge, Reutte Austria daytrip guide

I just really LOVE castle ruins. There is something haunting about them. They seem to retain the life they once had. It is as if you can still feel the presence of the people who lived in these places so many years ago. Ehrenberg Castle (not to be confused with Ehrenburg Castle in Germany!), situated …