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Germany, Switzerland, and Austria: a two-week, highlight packed, whirlwind vacation itinerary

Germany in my heart Germany was the goal. I grew up there, and I love it beyond measure, but it had been 20 years since I had stepped foot in my beloved Germany. I NEEDED to go home. but where to start? Although I had lived there throughout my childhood, I wasn’t quite sure where …

berggasthaus aescher ebenalp mountain hotel switzerland unique hotels in switzerland

Wasserauen Ebenalp Mountain, Switzerland: unique experiences and stunning scenery!

When a photo of Berggasthaus Aescher, a hotel built into the side of a mountain in the Swiss alps I knew I had to go. Berggasthaus, one of the most unique hotels in Switzerland sits atop Ebenalp, a small, somewhat unassuming yet stunningly beautiful mountain in the Appenzeller region. This magical Instagram worthy little piece …