ballintotis castle ireland inexpensive overnight ireland castle accommodations

attention: as of May 18, 2022 the airbnb link to book Ballintotis is not active. I am attempting to contact the castle for updated information. Please continue to check back and I will update information whenever possible. In the meantime take a few minute to get to know this very special castle rental.

Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle in Ireland? Are kings, queens, knights, and dragons the stuff your dreams are made of? At Ballintotis Castle in Castlemartyr you can indeed stay in a castle in Ireland! Step back in time in this old and ancient castle tower and play king or queen for a day at one of the most fanciful secret escapes Ireland has to offer!

A hidden gem, Ballintotis Ireland castle accommodations are located in a secluded area of the Irish countryside and the entire rustic castle is yours! You won’t find a lot going on here and if that’s your idea of a good time then you’ve come to the right place! You’ll think you’ve been transported to another time and place when you enter this magical 16th century gem. So place that crown where it belongs, put your feet up, relax, and soak up every last regal moment in your own fortress tower.

the cost of this castle Ireland stay:

I don’t always start out talking about money but I have good reason today. If you are looking for one of the most inexpensive castles to stay in in Ireland look no further than Ballintois! What if I were to tell you that you can have this authentic, magically rustic old 16th-century castle all to yourself for under $150 per night?!!!!  

For two nights, I got to be co-queen of this cozy castle, and it was magical and wonderfully FANTASTIC. My husband, sister-in-law, and I split costs. Our cost per person was just $42 per night making it one of the best value secret escapes that Ireland has to offer! Ballintotis Castle can be booked on airbnb.

ballintotis castle ireland inexpensive overnight ireland castle accommodations

Ballintotis Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland

The castle Ireland stay interior:

I’m sure you’re dying to know what it’s like inside Ballintotis Castle! Let’s check it out.

The first floor:

On the first floor you’ll find a dining table and an area to store your luggage. The second floor has a master-bedroom, with a bathtub and tiny bathroom. The third level of the castle has a common area with a kitchenette, another bathroom, and a bed. Head up one more flight of stairs to the top of the castle, and there you’ll find an open sitting area where you’ll be treated to views of miles of the lush green Irish landscape surrounding the castle.

front entry ballintotis castle Ireland stay

Lords, Ladies, Kings and Queens, you may now enter the castle…….the only entry into the castle

The master bedroom in the castle: A bedroom fit for a King…or Queen!

There’s a gorgeous old four-poster bed in the master-bedroom, a tub for soaking, plenty of candles for creating a cozy atmosphere, and a heater you’ll be able to set to your comfort level. a word of caution: We made the mistake of filling the tub too full. Water leaked through the floor, soaked everything in my suitcase down below, as well as the electrical box! yikes! (Maureen and her husband, the castle caretakers who live across the road, are very helpful. If you need anything at all they’ll be there to assist)

furnishing ballintotis castle ireland secret escapes Ireland

The third floor of the castle:

The third floor of the castle has a living area with a skylight, a slab type bed and another tiny bathroom.

second floor ballintotis castles to stay in in Ireland

attention to detail in the castle:

The charming little details in the castle really add to the effect. Everything seems so old!

interior decor ballintotis stay in a castle in Ireland

The stairs….let’s not forget those stairs.

Those wonderful, crooked, ancient looking…please don’t break your neck, stairs. WARNING: as you can see in the photos, the stairs in this castle are treacherous. The first set of steps are not bad, but the flights get progressively worse as you go up. 

stairs ballintotis castle ireland

the outside is quite nice too!

This castle is just as nice outside as it is inside. I promise you will not be disappointed!

the top of the castle

Up up up and out! if you head all the way up the stairs you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the oh so green Irish countryside that surrounds the castle. My husband and his sister were particularly fond of the view from the top…and who could blame them!

view from the top of ballintotis castle ireland

The view from up top! Photo credit, Angela Marie Kunze.

Take a country stroll on Ballintotis walking trail.

The walking trail does a short loop around the castle in this wonderfully remote piece of the Irish countryside. THIS is the Ireland I came for! Fresh air, nature, and the astonishing beauty of the Emerald Isle….the green, so much green! 

ballintois walking trail ireland

video of the inside and outside of the castle

Check out a video of the inside as well as the outside of Ballintotis Castle on my YouTube channel and you’ll clearly see why this is one of the best Ireland Castle accommodations!

(Thank you to Angela Marie Kunze for sharing this video of Ballintotis Castle with us.)

how I spent my time as queen of the castle

On day two, my travel companions headed to Cork for the day leaving me as the lone occupant of the castle! I walked the trail for a second time and explored the country roads a little. I had a mini spa-day…took a long bubble bath, deep conditioned my hair, lit all the candles, and headed to the four-poster bed with a book. I read, I napped, read some more, napped…you get the picture. It was a blissful day.

What to eat:

We picked up some pretty good Chinese food in Midleton. The Farmgate Restaurant and Country Store, also in Midleton, is a good place for picnic items to take back to the castle (sandwiches, soups, baked goods.) One evening, we had dinner at the Hunted Hog traditional Irish Pub in Castlemartyr. They serve up decent pub food in a lively atmosphere. It was full of locals watching the soccer game. Does it get anymore Irish than that?

Location of your castle Ireland stay:

Ballintotis Castle is located 17 miles from Cork, and 15 miles from Cobh. You will want a car because there is nothing within walking distance, or get dropped off for a couple of days but make sure you bring everything you’ll need for your stay.

Laundry service:

We dropped our dirty laundry off at the Laundry Locker in Midleton for full laundry service (3.5 miles from the castle), and picked it up the next day washed, dried, and folded! And for only 12 euros per person! This allowed us to pack lighter, and we didn’t have to spend our precious vacation time doing laundry, win/win.

Of interest in the area:

conclusion: Ballintotis is simply one of the best Ireland castle accommodations on all fronts! Add it to your bucket list because it deserves a spot there. If you are looking to stay in a castle in Ireland then Ballintotis is hands down one of the best castles to stay in in Ireland.  This rustic castle stay offers a magnificent value for your money. The ridiculously low cost makes this one of the most inexpensive castles to stay in in Ireland! Private and Secluded, discover one of the best secret escapes Ireland has to offer!

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