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A hidden valley in Ireland: Serene, calm, and stunning...a little piece of Heaven

Updated: Apr 21

I debated with myself a lot over blogging this spot. It is so peaceful and unspoiled, that I am hesitant to encourage visitors. I decided to blog this peaceful little piece of heaven, in hopes of inspiring you to seek out your own little divine corners. I won't disclose the location, but as you can see in the photos, one might call this the Green Valley, maybe Rhododendron Lane? I like to call it HEAVEN.

I got a lead on this place from a photo that came across my Facebook feed. We already had our itinerary for Ireland set. After researching the photo, I realized it was in the same area where we were going to be in! It turned out to be one of my favorite spots in Ireland, mmmm....make that favorite spots on planet earth!

This turned out to be the rainiest day, on our ten days in Ireland. Honestly, the soft drizzle added to the magic.

We were visiting in the month of May, and the rhododendron were all abloom. On our Highlands/Loch Ness tour in Scotland (stay tuned for this one) we learned that to the Scots and Irish, they are an invasive plant. Boy are they beautiful though!

There were several friendly residents, of the four-legged variety.

This is actually a road that we were walking (praise the good Lord for Irish roads!) but it was secluded. I believe, we saw just one car during our time here.

Angie Kunze, Travel blogger, Creative Photographer, Toto, We're not in Kansas Anymore.
Learn to dance in the rain. If you are going to Ireland, bring rain gear!

There is a pretty little lake on the road. I believe there are actually two, we didn't make it to the second....NEXT TIME!

Rushing water!

An idyllic little stream.

And this babbling brook!!! see my youtube channel here to be directed to the video. I could listen to it all day.

Get out and Explore the backroads and nooks and crannies of Ireland and who knows what you might find!

The greenest green you have ever seen, vibrant pink flowers as far as the eye can see, bleating sheep, majestic horses, the sounds of a babbling brook, the smell of the rain, the feel of the cool breeze on your face. This little paradise is a treat for the senses, and really, have you ever seen a more beautiful place? I'm not sure if I have ever been so relaxed in all my life.

Wait, I didn't tell you where to find this place? a dirty trick? Not exactly. I want to keep this place unspoiled, but I still wanted to share the beauty if Ireland. This beautiful paradise is in the area of one of the most visited locations in Ireland. Yet just a short distance down the road, you can find a bit of seclusion, and possibly, have a bit of paradise all to yourself! Happy hunting!

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Angie Kunze, Creative Photographer, Travel Blogger, Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

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