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Fort Riley Ghost tour: Everything you need to know about the best haunted experience in Kansas

Haunted Kansas Fort Riley Kansas was established in 1853 making it one of the most historic spots in Kansas. Over the years, it has developed a long and haunted history. In fact, there are so many places that are purported to be haunted on Ft. Riley that it is not only one of the most …

old Dutch Mill. Schonhoff Dutch Mill city park wamego kansas

City Park, Wamego Kansas : history, veterans memorial, Dutch windmill and a perfect spot to relax!

One could spend the better part of a day in Wamego City park, exploring and relaxing. The park was quiet, peaceful, and really quite stunning! Let’s explore City Park, Wamego Kansas! The Pond According to the “Explore Wamego’s History” pamphlet, “The pond in City Park is shaped like a whale, and once served as the …