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A beginners guide to easily navigating public transportation when traveling

Does using public transportation intimidate you? Does it keep you from making your travel dreams a reality? My commute is a nearly 100-mile per day drive through the country. I brave sleet, snow, torrential rains, and suicidal deer, among other things. Yet the mere mention of public transportation always strikes a tiny bit of fear …

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How to fly free with points: save thousands of dollars, and make your travel dreams a reality!

Fly for free you say? with reward miles, yes you can. In just 3 short years, we earned enough miles to fly two people to Europe, during high season, eight (8) times!!!! Do you need me to repeat that? That’s EIGHT free international flights in 3 years! Do I have your attention yet??? We use …

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Rick Steves’ European Travel Guides: The single best guidebooks and why you should BUY THE BOOK

Are you looking for the most comprehensive Europe Travel Guides? Look no further than Rick Steve’s European Travel Guides. If you are looking to plan an epic trip to Europe then these guides are a must! When my husband and I decided it was finally time to go to Germany, I didn’t know where to …