While traveling from the Mosel River Valley to Switzerland, we made a short pit stop in Triberg Germany. We were running short on time, but since we were driving through the Black Forest, we felt we must stop, if only for a little while. Of course, a moment to savor a piece of black forest cake, and a quick peek at Triberg Waterfall were both at the top of our list!

The Black Forest

The Black Forest (Schwartzwald auf Deutsch!) is a densely forested area in the southern region of Germany. It is known for its gently rolling mountains covered in towering evergreen trees, cuckoo clocks, and the delicious world famous black forest cake. If you love trees, allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of the Black Forest! Don’t forget to look up!


Triberg, set in the Black Forest, is a cute colorful little village. I found it to be a bit touristy but because of the outstanding beauty and magnificence of the waterfall I easily granted forgiveness for its crowded tourist zone. If you love cuckoo clocks, then you’ve come to the right place! Shops selling them line the streets in Triberg. The world’s biggest working cuckoo clock can be found nearby at Eble Uhren-Park


Triberg Waterfall

Triberg Waterfall (Wasserfall!), Germany’s highest, is actually a series of waterfalls set in a lush green, moss covered, forested area. Take in the relaxing sounds of water rushing down the waterfall and the perfect little babbling brooks that surround it. It’s open year-round. Go early or late for to avoid crowds. Illuminated at night, in winter is it only possible to visit the lower falls.

see the Triberg website for more details on visitor information and here for a Triberg trail map.




Black Forest Cake

If you’ve never had Black Forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) you’re in for a treat. Its my personal favorite! Made of delicious spongy chocolate cake with decadent layers of tart cherries, cherry liquor, and whipped cream.

We stopped into Café Schäfer located on the main street in town (and sadly since closed after 150 years.) It seemed the perfect choice since the cafe was founded by an apprentice to Josef Keller, the creator of Black Forrest Cake. In fact, they were in possession of Keller’s original recipe. Such a shame! but you’ll have no difficulty finding this popular cake in Triberg and all throughout Germany for that matter.

interesting fact about German desserts

I was a child when we first arrived in German. My first taste of a German bakery treat was quite the culture shock. German deserts tend to be much less sweet than the super sugary ones you find in the United States. However, once my taste buds acclimated, I never looked back. I prefer the less sugary version now.


Next time I’d love to linger in these lush forests and check out those hiking trails!

Our stop-over in Triberg was part of a larger trip. ,If your interested in our complete trip itinerary it can be found here: ,Germany Switzerland and Austria: a highlight packed two-week whirlwind vacation.

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