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  • Ft. Riley ghost tour: the best haunted experience in Kansas

    Ft. Riley Kansas has a long and haunted history. Every October, the Historical Society ushers visitors around Historic Main Post for their annual Ghost Tour. The tour stops at various spots of particular haunted interest, where listeners are treated to hair raising tales of the fort’s resident ghosts. Each year, as summer approaches its end, …

  • It’s Scream time! visitors guide, to the Haunted Cannery, El Dorado Kansas

    It’s that time of the year….ghost, goblins, and things that go bump in the night! The Haunted Cannery, in El Dorado Kansas, does a frighteningly fantastic job of bringing all of your nightmares life. You will find a colorful fluorescent light feast for the eyes, with scares around every corner. The cannery has been in …

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