Glamping tent at Serenity Authentic Glamping Tulum resort, jungle hideaway in Mexico

Serenity Authentic Glamping Tulum is a relaxing glamping experience in Xpu Ha, in the state of Quintana Roo Mexico.

I love to camp and for me glamping, “glamorous camping,” is camping only better! I get to be a little outdoorsy but still have a lot of our modern day luxuries. WIN WIN! I was involved in planning a girls trip to Cancun and in the end we decided on this gorgeous jungle hideaway in Mexico. It was really just magical and I would definitely go back.

Glamping tent at Serenity Authentic Glamping Tulum resort, jungle hideaway in Mexico
The shockingly cool and comfortable tents at Serenity Luxury Camp

Why stay at Serenity Authentic Glamping Tulum Resort

There are actually many great reasons to stay at this beautiful jungle hideaway in Mexico! Let’s go over them.

The “room” prices are good

I paid around $100 per night, which I found quite reasonable. has a very generous cancelation policy (something I look for in uncertain times.)

Book now here! Book Now! Book Now here! Book now!


If you are looking for an escape from the stressors of life, this is your spot. Aptly named, this resort takes serenity to a new level. It is calm, it is serene, it is relaxing! I really can not say enough about how peaceful and calming this resort is. I really didn’t even see a lot of other people but it was also during COVID restrictions so that may have been why.

the beautiful Zen like property at this blissful jungle hideaway in Mexico!

The ” Serenity Authentic Glamping ” camp is nestled in a lush green jungle and they have went to great lengths to make it asthetically pleasing.

There are lovely paths that lead you around through the property.

serenity luxury camp walking paths mexico

There are many fountains and sculptures throughout the property. The fountains especially add an extra level of relaxation.

fountains and sculptures serenity luxury camp near tulum mexico
Zen Fountains and statuettes at Serenity Authentic Glamping camp

Beautiful flowers bloom everywhere.

flowers around serenity luxury camp near tulum mexico
photo: colorful flowers are around every corner at Serenity Authentic Glamping resort

You’ll find yoga, Pilates and meditation classes in the beautiful yoga room!

yoga room serenity luxury camp near tulum mexico

The whole camp takes on a special glow at night.

serenity luxury glamping camp at night, mexico

Serenity Camp is a bit of hidden gem. If you’re looking for more hidden gems in Mexico you’ll want to check out Isla Mujeres!

the beach!

Getting to the beach: It takes a couple of minutes to walk to. You’ll walk through a path in the camp and then come to a gravel road which will lead you to the beach.

the beach club: As a guest you have full access to the beach club which is located on Xpu-Ha beach. Your guest status at the camp gets you free beach beds and lounge chairs and there are plenty of umbrellas if you need some shade like I do. I wanted to point out that this is not a 5 star resort beach club. This is more authentic Mexico. The club is open to the public for a fee and it seems to be a favorite spot of the locals.

the water: The water was pretty but the beach wasn’t as nice as the beach at Catalonia where I stayed my first 4 days in the country. There was more coral here but that also meant that I saw more fish when snorkeling.

prices: I thought the food and drinks at the beach club were very expensive. Here’s the menu with prices so you can judge for yourself.

Here’s a tip for you. Walk North on the beach. There are some good restaurants along the beach. We ate at Restaurante Bar ”ARANZA” a couple of times. Prices were much better there.

massages on the beach: Massages at the beach club cost a lot less than the do at the spa in the camp. They even accept credit cards! (small upcharge for the credit card fees)

red umbrellas serenity beach club near tulum mexico
Don’t you love how those red umbrellas just pop on that amazing blue sky???
Angie Kunze, We're Not in Kansas Anymore, relaxing at serenity beach club near tulum mexico
tikki umbrellas on the beach!

Watch for this cute little guy on your walk from the camp to the beach club!

serenity beach club pig on the beach mexico

The tents at Serenity Luxury

I had a very nicely decorated, very comfortable room in a safari style tent. Mine was a single room with a king size bed but there are other options available. they even have multi room tents with more than one bathroom for families!

outside the tents

The porch’s have a hammock. Some of the rooms have a jacuzzee tub outside on the patio! One day it was a bit rainy, normal for the jungle, so I opened my sliding glass doors and looked out onto the scene below and watched the trees sway in the breeze and listened to the soft rain patter and I can tell you at that moment there was no place I would have rather been.

hammock serenity luxury tent mexico

inside the tents

Tents are non smoking, have free Wi-fi, a safe, desk, full length mirror, side tables and a small fridge. Larger tents with full kitchen can be booked as well. You’ll be given a key so you can actually lock the sliding glass door to your tent. The bed was comfortable and yes I know you have been dying to know AIR CONDITIONING! That was a big one for me. I was coming from winter where temps were in the single digits to around 85 degrees F, and I need to be cool to sleep anyway. The a/c worked great! I hardly had to run it.

En suite bathrooms have flushing toilets. Note that there is not any actual door to the toilet just a room divider. The walk in shower is on the opposite side of the room. The sink in the bathroom had this amazing shell faucet!

tent interior serenity luxury eco glamping camp near tulum mexico

The Mystic Restaurant at Serenity Luxury Glamping Resort

The restaurant at the resort serves breakfast and dinner, open late. I believe lunch is served at the beach club. The food at the restaurant was descent but if you are accustomed to good Pad Thai at home probably skip it here.

the prices at the restaurant:

If I’m being honest I thought the food and drinks were expensive.

Breakfast at the restaurant

Breakfast was included with my booking (confirm when booking.) They have a good selection of items that are included with the free breakfast but also have an a la carte menu if you want to order something else. Free on the breakfast menu: coffee, tea, a selection of juices, fresh fruit , yogurt and granola, croissants, toast. BUT I highly recommend the following from the paid menu: the sandwich with bacon, avacado and fried egg…and the Chilaquiles ( corn chips with shredded meat and either green or red sauce!) both delicious!

The mystic restaurant serenity luxury glamping tulum mexico

A little about the noise at the camp…

The place is not completely without noise. When you arrive at your room you’ll find some complimentary earplugs along with a note explaining that due to their close proximity to the highway you may need them at night. For me the road noise was not an issue. However, each night there was some lively music somewhere in the camp around the time I was settling into bed. The foam earplugs weren’t very effective. I always travel with these earplugs (Mac’s pillow soft silicone earplugs) and they were better but did not provide complete silence. There is a quite time at the camp, maybe 10 or 11 pm? so fortunately it didn’t last too long.

a few more things about Serenity Camp…

Early check in/luggage storage:

As with most places early check in isn’t really available since the tents have to be cleaned but they do offer luggage storage so I just relaxed in the outdoor spaces until it was time to check in.


they have a large parking lot with plenty of free parking


I brought bug spray but I never used it. I mean you are in the jungle so I would be prepared but I didn’t see any bugs.

the spa:

you can get more information on the camps spa treatments on their website.

the pool:

Honestly, I didn’t use the pool. I stuck my toes in and it seemed pretty chilly in January. I came for the beach anyway! There are some comfortable seating areas around the pool though, and there are often fires in the firepits which makes it a nice place to sit, relax and visit in the evening.

location and getting to Serenity Camp:

Serenity Authentic Glamping Tulum is about 1 to 1.5 hours’ drive south of the Cancun airport, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

If you have a car google maps will take you right to the resort. I used private airport transfer. On the recommendation of a friend, I booked private transport. They will take you directly to your resort as opposed to shared transport which has to stop and let other’s out along the way making your trip potentially much longer. There are many companies that perform this service.

I used Mayaland (booked through airport taxi booking, which gave me the best rate) and USA Transfers (booked direct), both of which have stellar Google reviews. For around $80 each way I had the entire van to myself. NOTE OF CAUTION WHEN USING BOOKING. COM. They booked me with Mayaland airport to resort but when I tried to book my return transport they offered me some company that has very bad google review. Do a little research on the company before you finalize with them.

Looking for something a little fancier?

If your looking for a more luxurious, less natural experience you may enjoy the all-inclusive resort located in the jungle just steps away: Catalonia Royal Tulum all- inclusive resort, Mexico: a complete and honest guest review

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  1. This is amazing! As soon as I read the title I knew this was going to be the kind of place we like to stay at. Thanks for sharing more about it. If we are ever in the area, we’ll definitely try to stay here.

    1. Every time I review the article on Serenity Luxury Glamping Resort I want to go back! It is truly one of the best hidden gems in the Cancun area and I love the opportunity to escape the crowds!

    1. My first time glamping and I am hooked! The great outdoors with air conditioning! who wouldn’t live it! Serenity Luxury Glamping Resort near Tulum was such a great place for a first time glamping experience. I can’t imagine a better Glamping experience! best wishes -Angie, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

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