I LOVE to plan travel! Uncovering details about a new destination is like a treasure hunt, and there is such a trill involved with the anticipation of knowing that that soon you’ll be exploring it in the flesh! but travel planning isn’t all fun and games, there are also logistics involved.

Here at We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, our #1 goal is to make each trip “dream trip” worthy, and do to it without breaking the bank.


Fortunately, we have more travel resources than ever to help us plan epic travel. On this page I’ll share with you some of my best resources and tips for accomplishing that #1 so you can make this “your best trip” ever!

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I’m not going to recommend that you book through a 3rd party like Kayak, Skyscanner, or Expedia, because I think it can lead to trouble. I believe it is always best to book directly with the company that you will be dealing with when it comes to booking a flight.

Google Flights

BUT WE STILL WANT THE BEST DEAL: My best advice for booking airfare, and finding the best deal, is to go to Google Flights and find your best option and then book direct with the airline.

finding cheap flights

Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights ) has helped members around the world make their travel dreams come true. Our Flight Experts search thousands of flights every day to discover flight deals and email them to our 2+ million members, saving them $550 per ticket.

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Going flight deals!

Interested in flying for free??? Read about how you can earn free flights!

travel insurance

Look, in most cases YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE. Vacations are a big expense and insurance lessens your chances of losing money if something comes up and you need to cancel.

A lot of people lost a lot of money on travel expenses when the pandemic hit. If there is one thing that I learned about travel insurance during the pandemic is this BUY CANCEL FOR ANY REASON INSURANCE. It costs a bit more but you can cancel for any reason. Most travel insurance policies did not cover the pandemic.

My favorite place to shop for travel insurance is Travel Insurance .com.

Start shopping for travel insurance now!

health insurance

My medical insurance only covers me out side of the contingent United States if the situation is an emergency situation. Enter designated medical policies for travel. IMG has a very affordable policy for travelers. Fortunately I never used the policy but for the price I had peace of mind.



My #1 favorite place to search for and book accommodations is Booking.com They have every kind of accommodation imaginable so it’s a good one stop shop.

tip: The Booking.com app is MUCH faster than their desktop version, which can be slow and frustrating. You’ll often find mobile-only price deals too! BUT if you use the website in conjunction with your Airline’s shopping portal you can multiply your points! I get 4 points per dollar when I navigate to Booking.com through the American Airline’s Shopping Portal AND EARN FREE FLIGHTS!


Use the Booking.com App to do your research and then book through the website! (unfortunately to get the 4 points per dollar you must book on a computer) So take your pick, web-special prices on the app, or 4 points per dollar with the website.

earn status with booking.com

Start Searching Booking now!


Looking for vacation rentals? I personally steer clear of Airbnb because I’m in a LOT of travel groups on social media and I hear about too many issues with Airbnb. If I need to book a vacation rental VRBO is my spot!

Rewards program: Use OneKeyCash** (our new rewards currency) on Vrbo, Expedia, and Hotels.com. With one account, you can book a flight on Expedia, then use the OneKeyCash you earned on a vacation rental on Vrbo—for the first time. (follow my VRBO link and scroll to the bottom where is says “get started with One Key!

Start searching VRBO now!

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car rental

My favorite companies to work with are Enterprise and if I’m headed to Europe I always check with Sixt and Europcar.

Language Learning Resources

Learning a new language can be easy and fun with these resources:

Pimsleur Language Courses

I’ve used the Pimsleur Language Course to work my way up to their Germany Level 5, all while commuting to work! In as little as 30 minutes a day you can learn a new language too! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s highly effective!

Sign up for a free trial and Start Learning Now!

Pimselur affiliate link


Use Lingopie to Binge watch your way to fluency! Choose from 1000’s of hours of compelling and original home-grown TV and movies. All shows come with 2 sets of subtitles. Click any word to get an instant translation. The more you watch, the more you learn. Current languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, English.

Binge watch your way to fluency by following this link to the Lingopie website and sign up for a free trial!

the fun stuff!

Get Your Guide!

Get Your Guide was created in Europe in 2008 and has been helping millions of users book memorable moments ever since!

“Memories aren’t made while standing in line. Book ahead and skip the lines at the world’s biggest attractions.” -Get your Guide

Start booking memories now!

I have lots of tips on the travel planning process on my General Travel Page, check it out now!

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