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What is Triberg known for?
Triberg is a small town located in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald auf Deutsch!) region of Germany. It is famous for 3 things:

  • the glorious Triberg Waterfall is the famous waterfall in the Black Forest (Wasserfall Schwarzwald!)
  • delectable Black Forest cake
  • and whimsical cuckoo clocks

If you are in the area, stop and take a moment to savor a piece of black forest cake, let the Triberg Waterfall wow you, and maybe even take a cuckoo clock home!

Top castles in the Black Forest!

Triberg Germany in the Black Forest

Triberg Germany is located in the heart of the Black Forest ( Triberg im Schwarzwald!)

Germany’s Black Forest is a densely forested area in south-west Germany. The trees here are spaced so closely that they don’t let in much light, hence the name Black Forest…my idea of paradise!

The Black forest is famous for its gently rolling mountains covered in towering evergreen trees, adorable villages, handcrafted cuckoo clocks, and the delicious world famous Black Forest cake.

The area is often associated with the Brothers Grimm of fairy tale fame. Can you see Hansel and Gretel or maybe Little Red riding hood making their way through these forests?

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beautiful trees in Triberg Germany in the black forest
Photo: lose yourself in the beauty of the Black Forest and don’t forget to look up!

Is Triberg located in Bavaria? No Triberg and the Black forest are not located in Bavaria. They are actually located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Getting your bearings

This was our first visit to this fun little town. If it’s yours too you may find this map of “Triberg points of interest and top things to do” helpful:

Hauptstraße in the city center is the main street that runs through the tourist area of Triberg. You’ll find most of the popular sights, within a 5-minute walk.

Triberg Germany map

follow this link to be directed to an interactive Google Map of Triberg.

Triberg Germany map of popular attractions, links to interactive map
Triberg Germany map of popular attractions, links to interactive Google map

Triberg Tourist information

The Tourist information is located near the path to the waterfalls, inside the Schwarzwald Museum building. When seeking out Tourist Information always look for the blue and white sign with the big “ i “

Triberg Waterfalls (Triberg Wasserfalle!)

Triberg waterfall, one of Germany’s highest, is actually a series of beautiful waterfalls set in a lush green, moss covered, forested area. The water tumbles and cascades as you walk the path to the source. Add it to your Germany bucket list!
Take in the relaxing sounds of water rushing down the waterfall and the perfect little babbling brooks that surround it. You’ll want to take your time!

Is Triberg Waterfall really the highest waterfall in Germany?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are in fact taller waterfalls in Germany!

Although Triberg Waterfall is often touted as Germany’s highest, Röthbach waterfall, with a vertical drop of 470 meters, is actually Germany’s highest waterfall. In comparison, the Triberg Waterfall descent is 163 meters.

PERHAPS this explains why Triberg is often called Germany’s highest: the elevation of Triberg Germany is 1,050 m (3,440 ft) above sea level, Obersee Lake, the small lake where Röthbach waterfall is located, just 613.1 m (2,011 ft) above sea level. (information obtained from wikipedia) I think we can assume however that it is the largest waterfall in the Black Forest!

Triberg waterfalls tickets

You’ll need to stop at the main entrance and pay the entrance fee at the ticket booth.

everything else you need to know

addressMain entrance address: Hauptstraße 85, 78098 Triberg Schwarzwald
opening hoursdaily M-F 09:00-17:00 Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 11:00 bis 17:00  OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS ADMISSION IS FREE
price/cost of admission: adults8,00 (summer) 6,00 winter
discountsavailable for the Triberg-Inklusive-Card, children, students, disabled see the website for more information
wheelchair accessibilityaccessible up to the first platform from the entrance behind the Asklepios Clinic, (Ludwigstr.1)
petsleashed dogs are permitted on the trails

Getting to the Waterfall(s)

The trail from the entrance to the waterfall:

The Triberg Waterfall Trail  bridge from the entrance to the waterfalls
a bridge on the main trail

There’s a gorgeous trail that runs from the entrance to the waterfalls. It’s lined with lush Black Forest Evergreen trees and littered with large moss covered boulders.

Angie Kunze, We're Not in Kansas anymore on the Triberg waterfall Triberg Wasserfall trail Germany
making our way down the Triberg Wasserfall Trail

The trail runs along the Guttach River (Wilde Gutach) and then winds its way through the village of Triberg. As you carry along the trail, you’ll be treated to the sounds of water running its way merrily down stream.

stream at the Triberg waterfalls Germany
can you hear this photo? I just love a babbling book!

Triberg Waterfall trail Information:

Length: a short walk less than ¼ of a mile (300 meters)
Difficulty level: easy

who can pick just one picture of this gorgeous waterfall? so you get 3!
notice the bridge above Triberg Waterval
Triberg Falls, a most beautiful place!

See the falls in action in this Triberg Waterfall video (in German but there’s footage of the falls AND the surrounding trails)

Angie Kunze, We're Not in Kansas Anymore Triberg Waterfall Germany
what a great day at Triberger Wasserfalle!

Waterfall Triberg Trail Map

Here’s a handy Triberg trail map from

This is a map that is a little clearer on the actual trail to the waterfall, without any of the extra trails. As you can see the path is pretty straight forward. It also shows the nearest restrooms, the main entrance to the waterfall (where you pay the entrance fee), and the children’s playground near the waterfall.

Triberg Waterfall Trail map from the entrance to the waterfalls.

More Trails (Triberg Wandern)

Have a mind to walk through the middle of the Black Forest?
There are 3 other trails that you can take from this area.

  • Nature Trail (Naturweg)
  • the Culture Trail (Kulturweg)
  • the Cascades Trail (Kaskadenweg)

The 15 best walks and hikes around Triberg from Komoot

Triberg Village

Is Triberg worth seeing? Triberg is a cute, colorful little village. I did find it to be a bit touristy but because of the outstanding beauty and magnificence of the waterfall, I easily grant forgiveness for its crowds and hoards of tourists.

the Rathaus (Town Hall) in Triberg Germany
the Rathaus (Town Hall)
Hauptstraße Triberg Germany
Hauptstraße Triberg Germany

Let’s discuss things to do in Triberg:

Triberg Cuckoo Clocks (kuckucksurhen)

If you love cuckoo clocks, then you’ve come to the right place! Shops selling them line the streets in Triberg. Black Forest cuckoo clocks are renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship. It’s no wonder though, Germans are meticulous at everything they do!

(Cuckoo Clocks make great German souvenirs and Gifts! Check out my guide for what else to buy in Germany!)

Shopping for Cuckoo Clocks in Triberg

Don’t assume that because you are in a tourist area you’ll only find mass manufactured junk, this is actually a good place to shop. You can find quality handmade clocks in Triberg.

Cuckoo Clock shops located in the main shopping area, that carry a range of cuckoo clocks:

  • House of 1000 Clocks (Haus der 1000 Uhren) a 5th generation shop with 100 years of tradition. Can’t wait till your next trip to Triberg? No problem, shop on line. They ship internationally!
  • Oli’s Schnitzstube for a grand display of cuckoo clocks and wood carvings too! Oliver started making hand made clocks in 1986.
  • Kuckucksnest handmade, custom orders! International shipping available.
triberg cuckoo clock souvenir shops Germany
triberg cuckoo clock souvenir shops line the main road through town
Cuckoo Clocks in Triberg Germany
cuckoo clocks and MORE cuckoo clocks! just step into one of the shops

Cuckoo Clocks at the Museum

Take a look back through the ages at the Black Forest Museum (Schwarzwald Museum) , cuckoo clocks and more! The museum is located near the entrance to the waterfall.

Open 6 days a week October through Easter, closed on Mondays. 5 euros combo tickets with the waterfall available. (times and prices subject to change)

Tip: a visit to the museum is a great way to wait out the rain on a rainy day.

world’s largest cuckoo clock (Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr)

The world’s biggest WORKING cuckoo clock (sorry Sugar Creek Ohio!) can be found nearby at Eble Uhren-Park in Schonachbach. In 1997 The Guinness World Records Book designated Schonachbach cuckoo clock as the world’s largest. It measures in at 15 meters tall (just under 50 feet.) The cuckoo clock chimes twice an hour, on the hour and on the half hour.

Located in: Eble Uhren-Park GmbH
Address: Schonachbach 27, 78136 Schonach im Schwarzwald (just a 5 minute drive from the waterfall entrance, hit it on your way into, or your way out of town.)

Get more details and shop online at their website.

The World's Largest Cuckoo Clock Triberg Germany
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

world’s smallest cuckoo clock

From the world’s biggest cuckoo clocks to the world’s smallest cuckoo clocks!

The worlds smallest clock can be see at the Schwarzwaldwaldmuseum Triberg (Black Forest Museum.) At one time it was located at Hubert Herr but they have permanently closed and the clock was moved to the museum.

Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks are crafted in Triberg Germany. At only 5.2 inches tall, they are said to be the smallest cuckoo clocks in the world (working cuckoo clocks one would assume.)

You can shop for them online at the Cuckoo Palace website but beware because the price tag does NOT correspond to the size of the clock! Ask around at the shops when you’re in town. They may be able to help you get a better price.

The German Cuckoo Clock Route

Already in the Black Forest (schonach im Schwartzwald)? then this may interest you: Triberg is one of the towns along the German Clock Route (Deutsche Uhrenstrasse), a 320 kilometer cuckoo clock themed loop drive.

Map of the German Cuckoo Clock Route courtesy of the Deutsche Uhrenstrasse. See their website for details and an interactive map.

the German Clock Road map from Deutsche Uhrenstrasse Germany
German Clock Road map (Deutsche Uhrenstrasse) Germany

Of interest along the route:

  • Museum of Clockmaking (Villingen-Schwenningen) history of the cuckoo clock!
  • Black Forest Railway, a technically unusual mountain railway with 40 tunnels (Hornberg)
  • Triberg Waterfalls, of course!
  • Largest cuckoo clock in the world in (Schonach im Schwarzwald)
  • The German Clock Museum (Furtwangen im Schwarzwald) with the largest collection of clocks in Germany
  • St Peter and St. Märgen, baroque churches and abbeys
  • Titisee Lake, is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest

The German Cuckoo Clock Route Video

This is a very good video produced by the website. It’s in German but you get an idea of the beautiful scenery and the great stops along the way!

Black Forest Cake and Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Cake

If you’ve never had Black Forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) you’re in for a treat. It’s my personal favorite! Made of delicious spongy chocolate cake with decadent layers of tart cherries, cherry (kirsche) liquor, and whipped cream

We stopped into a local restaurant, Café Schäfer, located on the main street in town. (Hauptstraße 33, I’m heartbroken to say that after 150 years they have closed the cafe’)

Forever the optimist, I’m leaving it in the article in hopes that they will reopen this historic place. What’s so special about it? The cafe was founded by an apprentice to Josef Keller, the creator of Black Forest Cake! In fact, they were in possession of Keller’s original recipe.

Such a shame! but you’ll have no difficulty finding this popular cake in Triberg and all throughout Germany for that matter. If you’re headed to Triberg check to see if they are open. You might get lucky!

Black Forests cake in Triberg Germany
Black Forests cake, my favorite!

interesting fact about German desserts

I was a child of about seven when we first arrived in Germany. I’ll never forget my first treat from a German bakery. It was quite the culture shock. German deserts tend to be much less sweet than the super sugary ones you find in the United States. However, once my taste buds acclimated, I never looked back. I prefer the less sugary German versions to this day!

Black Forest ham

Black Forest ham is another delicious product to come out of this area. This salted and cured ham is flavored with garlic, coriander, pepper, juniper berries and other spices, giving it a distinct flavor. YUUM! In Germany if it’s labeled as Black Forest ham it must come from this region!

Triberg has its own version of this savory dish called Triberger Fichtenschin.

Try some at one of these restaurants:

Gasthaus Staude: Obertal 20 (if you don’t see it on the menu ask your server)
Wirtshaus Alt-Tryberg: Hauptstr. 53

How to get to Triberg

Whether by car, bus or train, Triberg is an easy day trip from many popular places in the area.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to Triberg is in Strasbourg France (SXB / LFST)

  1. Strasbourg Airport (39.6 miles / 63.7 kilometers)
  2. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (45.3 miles / 73.0 kilometers)
  3. Zurich Airport (48.4 miles / 77.9 kilometers)
  4. EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (49.7 miles / 80.0 kilometers)

By car

Distance from by car from these major cities in the area:

  • Strasbourg France 1.5 hours
  • Lake Constance 1.5 hours
  • Stuttgart: 2 hours
  • Zurich Switzerland 2 hours
  • Colmar France 2 hours


You may find this map of the parking areas helpful. Follow this link and it will bring the map up in Google Maps. Expect to pay at most of these parking areas. Prices vary.

parking map Triberg Germany
parking map:#3 is a small lot with a few spaces right on the main drag.

public transportation (train and bus)

Triberg train station is located 2.5 kilometers from the waterfall, so it’s not the most convenient choice. Buses run frequently between the tourist core and the railway station

The best way to find train and bus service routes is at Deutsche Bahn website (DB) official site or download their easy to use app!

Discounts on public transportation

If you have the The Konus Discount card you can use the local trains and buses in the area for free. Get more information at the Schwarzwald Tourismus website.

When to visit Triberg

Triberg waterfall

The waterfall is open year-round but just the ticket booth located in the town of Triberg is open in the winter months. In the colder months is it only possible to visit the lower falls.

Thinking about visiting Germany in winter? Don’t miss my ultimate guide to traveling Germany in winter!

Triberg Waterfall in Winter
Triberg Waterfall in Winter

Summer months are crowded with tourists. Visit early or late in the day to avoid crowds at this popular place. Illuminated at night until 10:00 pm, plus it’s free after hours! My pick for the best time to visit! But you’ll want to be sure to see it in the daylight too.

Carnival in Triberg

Carnival is a Catholic Christian festive season, a marry making of sorts before the fasting season of Lent. Carnival takes place in February or March, depending where the important dates surrounding Lent fall.

In Germany carnival is referred to as Fasching. In Baden-Württemberg, and other areas of Germany, it is known as Fas(t)nacht, Fassenacht or Fasnet.

If you love festivals, parades, and various forms of merry making, it may be a good time for you to visit. If crowds and exuberance aren’t your style then you may want to avoid this time of the year.

You can access the current year’s dates at the Narrenzunft website.

narrenzunft carnival fasching triberg Germany
Carnival festivities in Triberg

Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt)

Triberger Weihnachszauber is Triberg’s Christmas market / celebration / festival. For 6 days in December they bombard you with nightly fireworks, concerts, puppet shows and ONE MILLION Christmas lights to light up your world!

Whenever possible I avoid crowds but German Christmas Markets are different! Christmas in Germany is MAGICAL! The sights, the smells, the tastes and yes all of those lights! You won’t mind the crowds!

Triberg Christmas market celebration Triberger Weihnachszauber
Triberg Christmas (Triberger Weihnachszauber )

Where to eat

You’ll want to be careful here. Many touristy places are notorious for serving sub par food. They don’t really need to try to impress you because most people never return anyway. You can take your chances or check Google reviews.

Do what I do and Google “best places to eat in…” and then go through the photos and customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

  • BOTH of the places that I recommended to get Black Forest ham are sound choices
  • Nurhak Imbiss is a great palace to get a Doner Kebab! One of the best things to ever come out of Turkey!

Headed to Germany for the first time? Then you need to read my “best German foods you MUST try” article! I’ll give you the full lowdown on the Doner and all the other delicious food you need to try!


Looking for accommodations in Triberg? These are a few my favorite options: (room rates are based on double occupancy)

in Triberg

These options are right in town and therefore walkable to attractions:

Hotel Restaurant Ketterer am Kurgarten

Countryside views within walking distance of the main attractions. guest rating: 8.1, prices: starting at $107

book it here on!

Hotel Cafe’ Adler

Located just 1,000 feet from the Waterfalls. guest rating: 8.1, prices: starting at $111

book it here on!

Best Western Plus Schwarzwald Residenz

Spa services and balconies overlooking the city centre, just a 5 minute walk away. guest rating: 8.3 prices: starting at $158

book it here on!

Daheim Triberg

Looking for unique accommodations? This hostel offers an (indoor) camper van experience! shared common areas. guest rating: 8.4 prices: starting at $67

book it here on!

in the Black Forest

These are great options if you have a car and don’t mind driving:

Hotel Schloss Hornberg

This lovely hotel offers old world details, glorious views of the surrounding landscape and an old castle nearby. Enjoy the nearby hiking trails. Guest describe it as quite and were especially happy with the food. guest rating: 8.5, prices: starting at $99, distance from Triberg: 11 km

book it here on!

Hotel & Restaurant Adler

Also located in Hornberg in the shadow of the old castle, this hotel also has a charming Old World feel, especially noted in its beautiful dark wood dining room. Guests are quite pleased with the food here as well. guest rating: 8.9, prices: starting at $122, distance from Triberg: 11 km

book it here on!

How much time should we plan for?

Let’s talk regrets. We made it a short trip to Triberg on our way between the Moselle Valley and Switzerland. I have to admit I wish I had allotted more time to linger in these lush forests and check out those hiking trails! You can easy spend a whole day here so slow it down and enjoy!

plan your trip to Germany

Free Germany itinerary

Our stop-over in Triberg was part of a 2 week trip that included Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria! Get my itinerary here for free!

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