Water, one of the 4 elements of nature, cascading down, a feast for the senses. Experience the sights, sounds and feel! waterfalls travel inspiration!

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  • Germany, Switzerland, and Austria: a two-week, highlight packed, whirlwind vacation itinerary

    Table of Contents Germany in my heartGetting aroundRhine RiverMoselle River ValleyBurg Eltz CastleThe Black Foresta little Switzerland on the side!Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau CastlesZugspitze and Eibseean afternoon in Austria!RothenburgWurzburg PalaceAnd there you have it, our two week highlight packed whirlwind vacation. Germany in my heart Germany was the goal. I grew up there, and I love …

  • Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas hiking guide with photos: waterfalls and a lush forest!

    Lost Valley Trail near Ponca, one of the most popular hiking trails in Arkansas, turned out to be one of my favorite trails EVER! Arkansas…..so lush, so green, it ever does justice to it’s moniker, the “the natural state.” If you love nature, you are going to love Arkansas. As we walked down this beautiful …

  • One of the absolute #1 mini getaways in Arkansas: Eureka Springs plus more

    waterfalls lost valley trail near ponca arkansas

    They call Arkansas the Natural State, and for good reason. It’s a lush and green, a feast for the eyes, and a nature lover’s dream. Roads curve and twist through green mountains and hills. You won’t be going anywhere very fast, but really isn’t that part of the charm? Consider planning one of your next …

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